I wish I wasn't so busy. So I could update you.

Poetry class is going okay; we are doing a group poem soon. I am so itchy and nervous.

3 boys and me. Arghhh! 

We are meeting today because we have to have a poem written by Thursday.

Real quick.

A girl from class really liked my poetry. Here's one I performed in class: 

You Put The “Bad” In Bad Music

I don’t think this is going to work.
Not for me.
You can’t wear JNCO jeans in 2012.
You just...can’t.
Or bondage pants.
Or anything on your body...right now.
No! I don’t want another mixtape!
Why is there so much Nickleback and Insane Clown Posse on the first one?!
I don’t even...there are no words to describe how awful that is.
How can your top five favorite bands be all nu-metal?!!
Your bedroom [at your mom’s house!], looks like a high 15 year old decorated it.
No, that doesn’t mean I want to hang out in there!
Fedoras should only be worn in movies like Casablanca.
You look like a creeper who may or may not have a white unmarked van with a bunch of rope in the back.
I don’t want your KD Lang record.
I don’t want your Kate Bush record.
And I definitely don’t want your Melissa Etheridge record.
Let’s face it...I know you think I am whimsical or whatever, but...
you’re like the sad accountant who plays bass solos at jazz night.
you’re like that CD that is less than five dollars on the clearance rack--
put the bad in bad music.

So yeah, I hope you like it. I just presented my project for church. I hope people liked it. I don't care as long as I pass! Goodness.

Right now, there is a girl presenting that has a voice over that is mumbly. I feel bad for her. Pity!

Anyway. this day passed by so quick and I know this week will too.
 Bad timing: today in class, a guy wore a Fedora hat, fingerless black gloves, and a black trench to class. No sir!

Later skaters!  ™ SEO


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