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Hey guys!

How are you today?

I started this a long time ago.

I think during my vacation!! 


I went to New York City!!!

NYC! I can't believe it! My sister and I were there for  week! It was amazing! I really enjoyed myself! :D

We flew up there and stayed at a hostel. We made friends like the last two days we were there. We basically just took Manhattan by storm. We went everywhere! Our feet got brutalized. 
Not a word. Whatever! Anyways, we visited all five of the boroughs and it was amazing. When I told one of the girls who stayed at the hostel what we planned on doing, she was mega shocked. :O


You just got to do the most that you can. We didn't do any guided tours, instead we just made our own way around the city. It was more fun that way. And cheap! :D When is the next time I will be up north? Like never. Sooooo, it was a great trip and it was bad trip. Bad in that I don't want to move there anymore. A couple of reasons:

A. The pricing/cost of living.

So, Manhattan is expensive. It's the more well-known borough and it's full of rich people and their dogs walking around. There are more down to earth neighborhoods, but for the most part it is pricey. Also! There aren't any Wal-Marts, Targets, or grocery stores. I can't handle it. I don't want to go five different places for groceries. It's unbelievable how much produce is there. What?! Stop yourself, New York!

B. Transportation

I want to say, I love the subway. Getting a Metrocard was the best idea ever for us. I highly recommend doing this. 30 bucks for unlimited rides on the subway, bus, and train for a week. Also, the card is reloadable! Great ideas there. Now, that's good for getting you longer distances but I mean...I like driving. I worked hard for my license! I wouldn't dare drive in NYC. The streets are too crowded, and people just want to die. They walk whenever they want...
Not okay. Totally can get hit that way. Also, way too fat for those stairs. Since the subway is underground, you have to go back and forth downstairs. All the time. Everyday. 
No thanks.

C. Safety
If I were to live there, I wouldn't live in Manhattan. Brooklyn is a good middle because it's safer but cheaper than Manhattan. Not that much cheaper, but yeah. The cheapest borough we visited would have to be The Bronx. We went in the afternoon, and even then it was sketchy. A lot of Hispanic people who don't speak English. Like...not a word. We ate at this place and this dude just started talking to me in Spanish. Not even a word of English! He tried after he saw my bewildered face, though. :\ To get down to the point, I wouldn't want to compromise safety with cheap-ness. I am a cheapskate. That's no lie, but living in a place where I'm scared to go outside at night is not okay. I need to feel at least 85% safe. I wrote 'sage'. I want to feel sage. I want to feel like gumbo.


Don't mind my derpy face. We would go for eight hours straight just touring the city. It was crazy, then we would go back to the hostel and take a nap! After that, we would head out again at night and just act crazy. 
So, there's that. Amazing city. So many beautiful things there. 

I want to go back. Again. And again. And again. We were in the all girls room and we met some nice British girls there. They were twins! I didn't even know until my sister asked them! On the last night, two Cali girls were there, and they were so sweet.

Good stuff. La Guardia is sketchyyy. It's in Queens, and after checking in, they told us to go to a section and drop off our bags. They didn't take them from us. These two people moving luggage around took them.

Thank God we had them when we got home. :) 

That's all for now!



11. to wear red lipstick

12. write/perform a song for a dozen people

13. to have several different hairstyles

14. to grow in God

15. deep sea dive

16. to walk the streets of New York

17. be in a big musical

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