I want to talk about a topic.
Books, not the music.

That joke was lame, sorry.


Okay, so classics are classics for a reason. Something about the book lasts throughout time and it is picked up again and again by readers.

Okay, cool.

So,  I started reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
A lot of people have loved this book, according to Goodreads.
And the world.
I am struggling. I see the point of it, but it's just a bore to me. I feel that the book doesn't live up to the hype for me. I know it's important, but I don't see that importance. I know everyone has their own tastes in books. And this is what I want to say: don't read something that you don't like. Set it down and pick up something you love. Why waste time on books that suck or are bland? I've been trying to open my mind to literature and read more books that aren't in my comfort zone. They still pique my interest, but just are more complex. I still won't read a book that is lame, imo. I give a book 5 chapters or 50 pages. If I'm not captivated, it's sat down.

I think that's totes fair. I've been addicted to book samples on iBooks on my ipod. It's about less than 100 pages of a book and it gives me the right amount to judge if I like something or not.

Adictinnnnnngg. Omg.  Also, it's free to download a sample! What upppp!

Anyway, I don't do every single book I want to read, but a good number of them I recently downloaded. I think I might be the last one jumping onto this wagon, but Apple has free classics on ibooks and I am in love.
Just wonderful.

So, books that are hyped. Don't believe the hype. You aren't going to book prison if you didn't fall in love with Hardy or Joyce. I am on page 43 of Handmaid, so I will give it a few more pages. Just in case.

Another famous author that has a lot of hype is John Steinbeck. Critically acclaimed and loved by most people!  I see why.
I read Of Mice & Men and didn't like it. I know it's one of his more well-known ones, but I thought it was kind of a drag. There were some excited bits, but overall I wasn't impressed. That was my first book of his and I have two more I want to try. East Of Eden and The Winter Of Our Discontent.

We'll see. Hmm.
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