The Back Of A Microscope.

Cute Is What We Aim For's concert is today! It's going to be so exciting! I'm taking my two friends and we are just going to go crazy. Not really, but it will be so rad. This is my second time seeing them, so I'm not really trying to be front row and pictures. Just to be there to see Shaant sober and not off his rocker. That will be good. So awesome. I am pumped. Tired, though. I slept like 6 hours? I'll be up for another 10? Oh well, off day tomorrow! Smiles all around. :) This morning I hung out with my friend who I haven't seen in forever! For-ever! It was so great, she hasn't changed that much. Not at all. I will make it through tonight! I already see the greener, brighter side.

Oh gosh, wish me luck.


I'm Late, I Know.

I hope that makes up for it. 2 days later! I was so going to put that up on Wednesday. Today, I am feeling better than what I was in the video! My voice came back! Now, I just have to deal with this haggard cough. I'm going to see Cute Is What We Aim For! Yaaay!!! ^___^ Tuesday.





I thought we all needed a laugh. Happy Tuesday, guys. hearts! :D

What Do You Get When You Can't Talk?

Sick, that's what.

I'm sorry guys. :( I'm under the weather. This hot, hot, humid weather.
It started out with a little thing, but now it is a big problem. So, I have my mom just drugging me up with Alavert and chicken soup. I should be a-ok in no time! Actually, Sarah is sick as well with a sinus infection. Twinners!! Sunday night, I blew out my voice by straining to sing and after that I couldn't talk much. By the time night service was over, it was gone. 85% gone. Today at work, my nose started running and it's been a battle ever since. =/ I can't talk much, and I'm suppose to go out in the field for my job tomorrow to get motel/hotel pamphlets for the advertisement. I may just call in, because I don't think they'll understand me. Since I'm hoarse. Mm.

bye bye!



Meet Me At The Crossroads

Have you ever been to a place where you can't choose or decide what the right choice is? It's so hard. This is not how I wanted to start this entry, but sometimes life just gets me down. And in the back of mind I know that God is there to help me up again, but my flesh gets in the way and it becomes "poor, poor Rachel" and such. I don't want to judge people; I want to love them. I try my hardest to do that, and sometimes it isn't enough. I am out of ideas. All I have is questions that no one can answer for the time being. It's beyond frustrating, and I can count the nights I've sat up with my thoughts going to & fro in my minid like a bird with clipped wings. I guess the only person who can answer me is Him...

I'm going to go listen to some Bone Thugs & Harmony.

♥ you guys,


Some R&R

Hey guys!

I am out of school, and this is some of the stuff I've been doing!

That's right! I went to this fancy but not really restaurant, and ate my first buffalo burger! It tastes different, but if I didn't know it was buffalo I would think it was beef. And I finally finished my octopus! I'll probably name it! Charles Trippy? So, I am just tickled pink to be out of school. Last night/this morning, I went to my friend's going away party. He is like going to Montana for the WHOLE summer! Jesus! That is crazy, but he is an adventurous man. :) Haha, I got home and my mom said something about a curfew..I was just laughed and went to bed. ^__^ She is too little, too late on that. 4 years? 4 years late? Yep. When I was younger, I didn't have a car or friends who would hang out with me out of school, so I was home all the time. Those were very lonely times.





I am finally putting up my pictures from the HIM concert!
:) It went really well, and I didn't even wait in line that much! I was surprised! I got pretty close too.

Yep, so pretty much in Ville's face. Just kidding, but there was three bands before them. T_T The first one was Drive A. They were punk, and not good. I seriously wasn't liking that; plus they shouldn't on tour with a goth/love metal band. Truth. I will post the HIM setlist in another post because...that's cool. So, the other band was Dommin. They were so awesome!!! I really liked them! I got their CD and I got some pictures and some video! Ireallylikethem. They remind me of something that would be played on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. They are like a mix of rockabilly/goth/blues. I like it. Click the link and check them out. I told the bass player that I liked their set and they were such a mix of genres. :3 Tee-hehe. Don't you just love the surprise factor of opening bands?! You never know if they are going to please or diplease. Pics!

They are getting it. The band right before HIM was We Are The Fallen...not so good. Basically, Evanescence kicked out Amy Lee and replaced her with someone from American Idol who is Irish. A lot of people thought it was her, though to the point of yelling out her name. Sucks for that lady, fronting in the ghost of Amy. Suuucks. She sings good, but I wasn't liking the whole metal/sweet singing sound. =/ It's already been done.

Wooo! Go Amy Lee! Whoops. So, after that mess, everyone knew who was next. You could cut the anticipation with a knife. I was so tired and excited at the same time! There was girl who trusted me to take pictures and send them to her because her phone was dead. I thought that was the weirdest thing, because she didn't know me! She even asked to use my phone before HIM came on. I think it's cool that she felt comfy enough to ask me, but I could have been a lurker, right? She even gave me her phone and name! Strange times. Oh man, HIM was amazing. Ville was just so pretty in real life. Oh gosh, and they played my favorite songs! One of the best concerts. The crowd of course, was crazy. Saw a lot of black fans there. I minded my p&q's, but they didn't care. Stare all you want, mere mortals! It's funny how if you see another black person at a show it's a miracle. Enough of that, here is HIM gracing the House Of Blues stage!

Linde is tearing it up! :)

Mige! You can barely see him, though.

I really like the way this picture looks.
Oh, HIM. Good times. I take sewing classes, and I am finally making clothes! So far, I've made 2 skirts, a baby dress, and another shirt is in the process. :D

1st skirt:

2nd skirt:
I am so proud of these babies! I worked hard on them. :) Whew! This is becoming a very big post! It feels like Friday, but it's not. :( Technically it is, but still...ok! Here is a Dommin & HIM video. A treat for you, hopefully. haha!

Follow these beautiful beings:

They all have awesome blogs that I read religiously. You should too! They have something to say.

Okay, thanks for reading my long entry! You are a trooper!



PS: Here is the setlist:

  1. Like St. Valentine
  2. Right Here In My Arms
  3. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
  4. Scared To Death
  5. The Kiss Of Dawn
  6. Join Me In Death
  7. Heartkiller
  8. Wicked Game
  9. Buried Alive By Love
  10. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)
  11. Bleed Well / Poison Girl
  12. Killing Loneliness
  13. Love, The Hardest Way
  14. The Funeral Of Hearts
  1. Rebel Yell


Love Rushed & Untreated.

Hello everyone!

Here's a poem I thought up. I almost made it into a short story:

An unacceptable dowry for a fake princess,
that is what I am.
Don’t deny my fake teachings and false tours of the world.
Even I can’t hide the fact that my gowns are made from poorly spun cotton that is the itchiest in the summer months.
It was my parent’s idea to get me into a well to do family so they can die happy.
How unselfish of them.
I hope it falls faster than the Ottoman Empire.
I could care less to marry a rich pompous man of stature.
He would not love me.
He was just keep me inside for making a son.
My utter nightmare.
Pray tell, I do have wits about myself.
I shall escape.
Never to be in another person’s head.
Yes! I must go to the hills and educate myself on the wiles of the forest.
To do and say as I please with only the bears and crickets to hear my ramblings.
I could see myself as a witch if it weren't so hideous to be one.
A woman who controls her destiny and dares any man to cross her path, for that matter. It is not like I do not want love. I am just wary of it.
I want something true; something I can feel.
Not royal, cold love.
I shudder to think if I were to marry that twit Suttersworth.
If I had stayed.
If only things were different.

I still have my pictures, and I WILL be putting them up. So...be watchful!



Houston Abroad On An Off Day


I am at my friend's house and we are going to the doctor today, because I'm sick. Last weekend was so amazing, and I will have pictures/videos/awkward moments to share with you guys in a short while. Ugh, I feel semi-conscious! I'm blogging on a Mac! First time! :) I am so thankful to have an off day today. I'll be wishing for one in a week or so when school is officially over. I signed on to work everyday just to boost my pay and start saving like an adult would. I am ** afterall, and I know it's the right thing to do. We will see.

bye travelers!

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