I read someone's writing and it sounded like mine. I want to write something new, something that is refreshing. That's isn't my ultimate goal, but it would be nice to have someone say that honestly about what I make. Haha, this girl based her story off of an AFI lyric. Such a win...but it's too transparent for me. I knew right away.

Uhm, still sick. I slept too late. :[ Wampirrre!

This is what an Amish vamp would be like. Dumb.


#10: Space Jam is such a cool movie. Want to watch it right now.


I've Reached My Action Potential!

I've been mega sick. I have had really bad allergies all month, but Thursday morning I woke up and everything hurt. It even ached to eat. My teeth were in pain! That can't even happen outside of a toothache! Yes, so I was out of shape, and so misplaced. On the good side, I got the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim in the mail, and haven't stopped listening to it yet. Scott Pilgrim? You haven't heard of Scott Pilgrim? You should drop everything and go check it out. :) I also got a scarf and some black socks, but you don't want to hear about that! How about how I had to call in for 2 days because I was terribly sick? Yeaaah. That happened. It's okay, because I kind of need time off. We have this big re-enactment coming up, but no one is pumped. Or doing anything, except the secretary & me. Thanks guise. Not really. Let me just jump off the pity boat, and say that I love the fall. I do, it's my favorite season ever. The usual crisp air against my skin and wearing cute fall clothes. You can't get any better than that, but this year has been unbearable. I've heard of allergy shots, I need to look into that.

To sum up my fashion sense or what I want my sense to be in 5 words:

romantic funny DIY obscure edgy

What's your 5 words? :)

coughdrops + tissues,

#9: I don't like U2, Spank Rock, Tom Petty, current pop/computer music, and Coldplay.
Yes, I did put those all in the same category.


Tell Me I'm Staying.


It's been a while. A week? Eeek! This is probably going to be short and then later tonight I will post a longer one after myself, because I am just like that. ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM! Kidding, so last weekend was fun! On Friday to celebrate my Financial Aid coming in, I took my mom out to eat dinner. So cute. Saturday was my dear friend's birthday, and I took her to see

7/10. It was really funny and good. :) I enjoyed it! We went out to eat and had fun at the park. Just had fun being young and alive. I just read that "Look What You've Done" by Jet was highly influenced by "Sexy Sadie" by The Beatles. Actually they just took the lines from their song and made their own. That's dumb but smart because it got really popular. Good jorb, Jet.


#8: Would it naive to say that I want a guy to pick me first?


T-Straps & Lipgloss & Writing.

Hey guys!! Long time, so blog, right? I've been really busy, and lately I just haven't had the urge to write and for my creative writing class we have to write daily and journal daily. Take time out of our schedules and just sit down. Create a bit. I haven't been. I just don't like being forced to write. Then, it's not something I'm happy with. I would rather have it flow out naturally. My friend wrote her story and it made me develop a story or just a short passage in MY head!

Okay, these t-straps are cute, but I feel too old to wear them. 21. Wearin' them anyways! Haa! I'm making circles in the dirty ground by the bench. I look at my watch. He should be here. Uh, yeah. I am still at school and I have work in less than an hour. Can not believe this but why I am here is exciting. It's great. I should just leave. Forget love...what has it ever done for me?! Just kidding, need it. I mess with my hair...disgusted with it. I have short voluminous hair. Which means you can't do much with it. You just have to let it go on its own. It frames my face so that is a plus. I put on another coat of lipgloss and check my face in my mirror. My dark freckles are prominent against my darker skin. Weird. I look fine, I just wonder sometimes if that's enough. This bench is hot. Take a peek at my cell phone. Act like I'm texting when someone I went to high school with passes by, and then go back to being aloof. I wonder what he will do when he sees me? I start to picture his face, his blue eyes. Him, grinning so big and sitting next to me speaking and saying things it seems that I put into his head. All the things I want him to say but in fact, what's on his mind. Even though we are in a public place, all time and movement stops. To us, we hold time. He says something about my outfit and touches my lacy shoulder saying that it's too cute. I know that. You don't have to say. We stare at one another; as if it's the first and last time we will be in this moment. This lovely moment. I take this all in with vigor because, you know. I'm new at this. At this closeness with a boy. With something not a girl. On the other hand, he is not; he knows what girls want but for some odd reason I made him falter. I tripped him up and now here we are. Maybe it's because I actually tripped him when we met. Whoops! Studying each other with eyes that hold questions. About life. About love. Some of them I've been dying to know. He breaks the silence, "Can I do something?" Without my yes or no, he lifts one hand carefully and cups my face. His fingers brush against my skin and make an imaginary line from the bridge of my nose to my cheekbone. With him touching me and this close, I shut my eyes because I feel like my ears are burning. That's right. I don't blush, I burn. "Your freckles seem so light today. They're pretty." I look up and give him a big smile. He smiles and leans closer all the while staring at the part of my face that isn't my eyes or nose. I use his other arm for support, and he takes this chance to bring me close. Close. Something I am beginning to know...his scent is inviting and strange to me. In a good way. Boys are soft, too.

Please let me know what you think about this, and any suggestions/critiques are welcome! Creative criticism, please, not harsh stuff. Because then I'll be mad at you. I don't want to do that.

Love youuu!

#7: God has a way of shaking my life up like fake snow in a snowglobe.


Everyone's Got To Face Down Their Demons

I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.

My weekend was woah! My sister came home and gruess who picked her up in downtown Houston?! That's right. ^____^ I'm getting better at navigation, but I had my bester with me. She helped me a lot. I just get so panicky. Anyway, work and more work and hXc allergies because of the season change. It's finally cool outside! Ah, I love it but my nasal passages don't. D: I feel like I'm dead in the morning, and during the day. Last night, I finally bought some Claritin for it. They melt on your tongue! On Saturday night, I went to see:

It was really good! I highly recommend it. Justin Timberlake did a really good acting job. Not even kidding on that. :)

Before the conference:

& After:

There WAS a homeless guy who came up to me but he only asked how the service was. I stopped though, like hesitantly and he copped a 'tude! Whaaat. Don't think I will totally talk to you in the dead of night and you're black wearing gross clothes. Let's be real here. I got out of Houston safely and I was rejoicing the whole way home and into Monday morning. Going to the conference gave me a refreshing in my spirit that I was longing for. Also, just being around people of like faith made me happy. Just to feel that...home-yness. :) Another thing was that I saw all types of Pentecostal people. Some women wearing skirts down to the floor and some had haircuts. I saw this girl who had on a floor length jumper with some really ugly work shoes her mom probably gave her. It really was eye opening as far as standards go and what I said in my earlier posts about how Pentecostals dress. I just really needed that service. bye bye guys!


#7: I've always wanted to fly.



I want to see that movie, Catfish. It looks really good. Also, It's Kind Of A Funny Story.

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