Hold My Hand.

A lot visitors to my blog! Yay! Heck yes! How cute is this song?

Precious! I love the 50's vibe. I saw them at kthru fest a while back and the lead singer said that this song was inspired by Buddy Holly! Totes can tell. Just, so adorable. I can't stop listening. On the video I think there is a link for a free download of their album or a couple of songs off their LP! That's an investment. Now, I ended up really liking them. To be honestttt, I saw them because Michael Cera was helping out with by playing bass for them. And they were at a fest playing for free. So, you know I was there! Magical night.
I got lost with my friend in Rice University for almost two hours after the show.  C'est la vie!

So, I have a two disc set of Buddy Holly rarities. Just all gold. There is even a song on there from when he was a kid! "Two Timin' Woman"! What do you even know about women at 13, Buddy! Get out. So cute. Sidenote: the weather here has been so bipolar. Warm one day and then blistering cold the next. No wonder people have the flu here. Ridiculous. It's hold then cold, yes and then no. So this week has been kind of a bummer. I don't have a car right now because the starter in it needs to be replaced so my friends from church have been giving me rides. Thank. God. Monday I walked to school and it took me like an hour. It's not even that far, but it is on foot! I have a cruiser but the tires are flat and my pump doesn't work. :( So, I needed a back up plan. My church is such a blessing. My friends who aren't in church with me are too. So happy to know them. So, a few days until we're off the Daniel's Fast!!! Confetti. Everywhere! I want to throw an anti-Daniel's Fast dinner! Totally. Excited about that. Work is so-so. I'm going to keep working hard and doing my best with the time I have. I don't work a lot of hours but when I'm in the office, I try to be efficient. 

My car is fixed!!! Thank you Jesus! The mechanic said it was the battery. He just charged it and it started right up. So glad not to be bumming rides everywhere! Feels great! I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

God is so good, guys. Yes. :)

I'm glad to see this week go. I'm ready for the weekend. I haven't DJed and I feel it. I miss it. 
I can't wait to do that for a full-time job.  Heck yes!

I finally found that you're on my side.

Secret time: I've been writing this and thinking about this entry all day. I am going to publish it before midnight. Du soir. Watch me. 

I'm going to get that 2nd 8track playlist out there for you! Give me a hot minute!



I'm Near Throwing In The Towel.


I feel horrible today.

Le crap. Crrrrap. I have school and work today and then church.
Even though I am not feeling well, I'm blessed.
I am so happy that it's pay week. :) I had a meeting with my French teacher and she is impressed at how well I'm doing and everyone in class. Je suis dou Brazoria, Texas. I miss music that's not Christian. Can I say that? Just did. I was skipping through a CD I made for my car and I heard Buddy Holly and my face literally looked like this: D:


Buddy! Miss you. After a while, contemporary Christian stuff blurs together. One big live blob. MY question is how does so many people know the songs? Especially on a new CD. Every word. Really? Weird. I mean, I guess they sung it at church and all of those people have heard it before.


One song that I really enjoy is "Crows & Locusts" by Brooke Fraser. Now that song is very powerful and ethereal. Very beautiful. Also, "From  The Inside Out" by Hillsong United. Moving. Love it. So, this is left field but this girl. This. Girl. She is so sweet and she is the youngest sister of the girls and guy of Eisley. She has a band with her younger brother called Merriment. You should definitely check them out if you're into twee-pop and indie music. Her last entry on her blog was about how she and her boyfriend, Reed got together. Such a cute story! Read that when you can. He is one of a kind. I can't think of one guy I know off the top of my head who would do what he did. It wasn't even a grand gesture, it was just...different. I think that guys like that are so rare. Plus he is hot. I like how clean cut he is. The last Eisley show I went to, his old band was opening and I kept looking at him on the drums! Telling my sister that he was hot! My goodness. ;) Anyway, check their music out. Eisley and all of the side bands recently did a Christmas album! And it's a free download! Heck yes!
Free music is always a good thing. Their family seems so happy. I am happy because they are happy, hahaha.
So, I didn't get to post this, but I've lost more weight! I think 8 more lbs! HOORAH!! :D Excited about that!! Now, I don't feel lighter or anything, but I finally bought a scale to see for sure. 
8 more lbs. Insane. My sister and I are doing a sibling challenge. I was talking with her last night and she said I was going to beat because she has been eating like a pig. Hahaha, I don't know about that, but I'm excited to see where I end up. That's for sure. 

"It takes more than luck to find a love like that."



Let Me Be Free!

"I love you, but I shouldn't have married you."

What's going on, guys? Another week gone and it's almost Feb. Crazy. I hope your week was splendid. Mine was good I guess. :) You know what's annoying? My computer screen. It bled right where I type. I can never fully see what I'm typing until the very end. Church was good tonight. One of the younger guys preached and he said something that really caught my attention. "All of your worries, stresses, and everything out there should not come in here. THIS place is a place of worship."

It's so true. 

I mean, I was really concerned about my job, because of this and that. Normal thoughts, I guess. I just want to be the best I can be and be productive. No wasted time...if I can help it. 
Tonight wasn't the right time or place for that. I want to give it all to the Lord. He is the one who takes care of me. Really and truly. All I'm doing is making myself sick.
I want to worry less this year. My mom says worrying ties God's hands. I don't want to do that. I want Him to bless me and know that I have trust and faith. That these petty events in life don't really matter. You have someone who sticks closer than a brother. I'm ready to intern! I hope my teacher emails me back soon! Let's get this show on the road. I seriously can't wait to start DJing for real. Making a lot of 'I' statements right now. Not trying to, but you know...

So, I want to make a 2013 bucket list. A lot of the things I wrote last year and the year before still counts but I want to add more substantial things. I'm older and my bucket list is too.

a. fall in love with the right person
b. travel. anywhere. take that opportunity. 
c. take a hot air balloon ride
d. perform somewhere.
e. spend a week doing something kind for someone else
f. go to more concerts
g. worry less about the small things.

h. get to know an acquaintance better. 
i. appreciate my loved ones more. 
j. stop and smell the flowers 

Just a few things I want to do this year. That love one always will be the same. I still want that badly. I don't want to be a cat lady or a spinster. I want a love that transcends time. A lover that sees me as I am and wants the best for me. Spiritually and literally. Heh hehhhh heh! Yeah~!
Getting it. No jk, I just spent 15 minutes looking up people who look like the guy I have a semi-crush on. I actually had poetry class with him and I doubt I will see him again.

C'est la vie. In French class! It's intensive and I have every day. I love it, though. This is how French should be taught! It was such a joke in high school. All languages were. High school doesn't prepare you for anything. not my small school, anyone. Maybe if you went to a rich prep school in New York or something. Other than that, you are pushed into the pool of sharks. Fending for yourself. So, I am doing a radio internship, and I have a fb page! I hope you guys can go like it! I post stuff on there and I will be updating when I will be on air. Soon so keep a look out! :D Also, do you have 8tracks? I do! dj_rad. Follow me!! :) I am going to uploading a new playlist soonskis. Watch for that, too! If you have requests/questions, you can comment here or on my fb page.

Drop me a line!

I think that's it for now. Oh, I was thinking about how I come across to people and at times people can't read me. I feel like I am selective about facets of my personality. Like being vulnerable; sometimes I choose who I want to let see my real self/feelings. It's not that I am afraid to let people in, it's that some people shouldn't be in. That's it for now!

I want to do this so bad. 





Secrets Are Best Left Unkept.

Well, hello

2 posts in one month! That's surprising. No. So, my boss has been out of the office and it's weird. I mean he gives me some alone time to get used to the office and the way everything works, but...

I need help. I've only been working there for 3 weeks and I still need someone to hold my hand. I feel like I am last on his priorities. For example, I needed a work schedule that correlates to my school schedule. I gave him my school sched on the first interview. He never made a schedule, I had to make one myself. He said it was alright for the week. Just...not trying to be a brat, but I don't want to be last. I just need him to prioritize. And realize some things.

I hope you're well. :) 

So, great great news. I am interning for the radio at school and I started today. It's so wonderful to dj. To talk about music all night. Dream job! I also am going to be submitting broadcasts to NPR! It's stationed in Lubbock and weekly, my teacher will be submitting DVDs of me on the radio and also interviews. So! If you want, you totally tune in here. You just need a media player like iTunes or Windows Media. :) I would love to hear from you! I will be taking music requests and also just saying hello to you lovely people. So drop in and say hello! We are an online radio station so anyone anywhere can listen. I leaned toward this type of radio station because it gives you more freedom and a broader audience. I know a guy who is djing at  one of the local stations and he is forced to play what's top 40. I don't even listen to current pop music that much, so that would be a big bummer. I am also going to be interviewing local artists in SA and in Texas to just get their names out. I want to interview and ask this band to perform live or on Skype. They are so rad and really talented. :D My dj name is DJ Radical Rachel and you can like me on Facebook! I have a page where I will be updating with some music news, and more cool things. Page name = my dj name. 

I thank God for showing me that happiness comes when you need it most. I feel so blessed and honored to be in the place I am right now. I never would have thought that I would be here. Clutching my dreams so tightly. Doing what I love. I love this! 

There's something in the water.

So, my church is starting the Daniel's Fast again. It started today and I have been doing my best but there is red tape for me.

So, I am a non-Christian DJ and I start today. Such a fail because I need to arrange playlists and things like that. I will be with everyone else in spirit! I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks. I mean, I want to hear from God. I need Him in my life and I will do what it takes to get to that place where I am surrounded by His light. Last night, I...I don't know how to put into words what happened. I went to a deeper place with God. A girl from one of the sister churches came up to me at the end of service and asked one simple question: "Will you pray with me?"
So we got on our knees. Side by side. I started and I felt so heavy. My heart was so full. I just started crying out. Like a child. Crying. Grasping for the Lord. I prayed for the girl and she almost received the Holy Ghost which is so awesome. Totally needed that! So did the girl. There is a desperation in my spirit. I am tired of doing the norm. Day after day.

I want to be on fire for God.

I know I said that last year, but it feels closer. There is an urgency in this hour. 2013. 
Here we are! :D

Let's see. Things are going to change for me personally. I want to stop being that girl.
"That" girl. No more. I'm not just a fat chick. I can't change people but I can change myself. And my mindset.

You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of the dust. 

I'm taking French! And it's intensive so I go to class today. Okay, today I met my teacher. She is intense but I expected that because when I talked to her in her office she was so into it. Soooo much so. Level 10. 
I'm ready. I need to get this done and over with. 


I only have one year left of school. Then Austin. Then...my future. I can't believe I've been in this town for two years. It feels it but it doesn't. I think it's time. I will miss my church so much. So so much, but I can always visit. Teehehe!

This year is going to fly by just like the others! Eeek. I have some more things to add to my bucket list. More later! :)


PS: GO AND LIKE MY FB PAGE!!! DJ RADICAL RACHEL! :) Follow me on Twitter, too! @oneradkid.

All over. I post playlists on each and ask for song requests and tell you when I will be broadcasting!
Also, here is the link again for actually listening to the radio. 

PPS: It's so cold outside!! How do you do it, Magi??


I Tend To Give A Care.

Hello everyone. It's a new year. A time to celebrate. I'm sorry I've been so distant and far away. I mean, life has really kicked this butt. Right here. Mine. Don't you love all of my fragments? ;)

Anyway, I have a job now! Thank you, Lord. I think as a whole I was just waiting it out. So many apps submitted and not one call back or email. Nothing, and I even asked a lady who works at a business that helps find you jobs and she said my last one is entry level. Employers don't care if you get fired from that. So I basically worked at Mickey D's for 6 months.


Ooh, once you start getting into writing, you can't stop until those thoughts are down. I feel like I'm emotionally ralphing on all of my readers right now. I don't mean to, but I want to be very honest. This is "Bare Bones". I am a personal/office assistant. First, I want to give props to the poeple who are PA's for years and years. It's HARD...not to slap the person who is your boss. Mine is eccentric. Business owner. Old but thinks he is waay younger. He isn't a hard person to get a long with but I think I need more time to get to know him.
We will see. I worked 105 hours in two weeks and I felt it before I left. I did.
I left after that to go to Atlanta! Passion Conference! My friend talked me into it. I wasn't going to go, but I'm so glad I did. I really am. From my hometown, it's 12 hrs straight there. 2 other girls went with us. One was my sister's friend/high school bandmate who was living back at home.
To me, Atl reminds me of a a grandma's house. Like, I'm going through the woods to grandma's house and eating home cooked dinner and sugar cookies. Or some other...decadent dessert. There are nice tall, skinny trees all around and you can tell it was winter. It looked like fall in a magazine or something. I still have my wristband on from the conference. Heh hehhhehe heh.
So, it was in the Georgia Dome which was a maze. A MAZE I tell you. 60 thousand people in there. Three days full of worship and speaking. I think my favorite speaker was Francis Chan because he stuck to his guns. I really felt like I got something out of what he was talking about. He also seems to be going deeper in his relationship with the Lord. I want that. One of my desires for my spiritual walk to go deeper and more in depth. I want the Lord to direct my path 100 percent. All Him. I still need to read Crazy Love. Not enough hours in the day. Louie Giglio and his wife pastor Passion Church in Atl, and they started this whole conference and he preached on the last day about the will of God which I needed to hear. There are so many people who just want to go out and make a name for themselves in the Christian community and it's the wrong spirit behind it. It's not led by God and it sucks. Literally. Get it together, kids. So, that was wonderful. We just went to the main sessions but there were small group sessions where you meet people and you get to talk about each service and stuff. We went to one, and then we couldn't go back because of time conflicts. I think that if we stayed at a closer motel, it would be possible but it was too much. The conference was all day. 9am-10:30pm. Just...crazy. Besides Francis and I really enjoyed the concert part. Worship. ;) We saw Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman,  LaCrae, Christy Nockels, David Crowder, Jesus Culture, Hot Spanish Guy Who Can Sing/Play Guitar & Who Looks Like My Old Friend's Bro, and Charlie Hall. I would love to see Hillsong. If they book them, I'm going for sure.

Charlie Hall covered "Manifesto" originally by The City Harmonic. So good. He did a great job!

So, while I was in Hotlanta, I got to meet a friend of mine! We met on Facebook when I was in high school and he lives right outside of Atl. So, he came to our motel and I met him and we went downtown to watch the peach drop at midnight on New Year's! It was so great to see him in person. Breathing and staring at me. That's one thing I can mark off my list! I've always wanted to meet him and hang. I definitely want him in Tejas real soon.  ^_____^ 

It's surreal meeting someone you've known for years. For me, I feel like it's another step into a relationship. It's crazy. He's so petite! A smaller foot than me! lol, I can't believe it. And he licks his CDs to make them work. Real vomit coming out of my mouth. So gross! X(

Anyway, we made it home real late, and I was so happy to see Texas. I so appreciate my state when I'm away from it. There was even a state trooper in Orange.

The stars at night are big and bright...

So, I go back to work tomorrow and I start school on Monday. My friend asked me when I was writing next two days ago and here I am. 
Writing to you. I love this feeling of...letting it go.
I think everyone needs to feel this...feel. Hahaha, to let go and breathe.

God is all around us. One last thing: I'm in love with Bad Books. It's Manchester Orchestra with Kevin Devine. Beautiful. I've been hooked on the linked song below. They just came out with a new album and I can't wait to play it in the sanctity of my own home.

Eeee, excited. It took me forever to give it a try. I don't like Kevin's solo stuff so I was hesistant, but I finally gave it listen.

Never looking back. One more last last thing! I love this movie. I am buying it soon!

-whistle- Click, click.

Love you more than you know,

PS: Happy 2013. Make the best out of it. I know I will. <3 br="br">


Huzzah! <----Kind Of Lame. =/

Heeeeeeeeeeeey beautiful.

So, today is my first day of the Thanksgiving holiday. Really excited. I'm not  doing anymore work except for my meeting today for my group poem.

I'm done, son!

I was just thinking, [this may be a bit gross for everyone but...just...don't read this entry! I am and ADULT!] but like when I'm married situations like mixed bathing would probs happen. 

Aside from the sex aspect, I think it would be relaxing and ideal for you and your wife/husband to talk about anything and just..bond. I want to try that. It just seems like a way to really connect with the love of your life. To me, I think bonding is so important. In the dating stage, in the engaged part, and in marriage. You're going to be with them for the rest of time until you die and your bones turn into dust, right?

So rite.

Anyway, I wanted to share that thought because it randomly ran across my mind and the lonely monster is creeping up.
Think about it. In my hometown, chicks my age have two kids by now. It's insane. I don't want to be in that position at all, but yeah. Wow. I'm only 23. I couldn't imagine having two kids and trying to keep up with them. No.

Too selfish. It's weird because people always say I should work with children or be a mother.

....do you know me? lol, not even. 

Church tonight instead of tomorrow! That's what's up! 
Handling it. We are leaving to go home this time around! I'm uber excited about it. It will be great to get away from San Angelo. Just for a long weekend. I mean, I have been swamped with school work and I really don't take time to leave. Even Austin: I never visit my sister anymore and you guys know how much I love that place. I write about it all the time! ;)

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