Reality Strikes! Hard! So hard!

Hello, everyone!


So, big news and boring news. Just kidding. It feels like it's been too long, but it hasn't been. No way!! Mid way through the semester, and I'm so happy about that. I'm sure that all the kids skipping classes are too. Like, it's pretty bad. Poor. Attendance! What is my teacher going to do? 

Fail you. Sucks.

Not me, though! I always burn the midnight oil, but I make sure to attend class. You always miss something and my teacher has a tendency to give quizzes every week. Every Friday to be exact. You know I'm all in my seat on time. I can't miss a class. 

That's the boring news. So, I've been getting into several fashion items lately! First of all, trouser socks!

Adorable! I love them! I went to Wal-Mart and got a 5 dollar pack! Look at meeeee!
In one of my favorite textures! Polka dots! Okay, so dots are so so popular right now, and I couldn't be more happier! So, like stuff that I've always loved and wanted to see in stores have came into the light. By stuff, I mean fabrics, textures, and styles. Here's a list of things that I remember have been popular in the past decade:

  • plaid!
  • polka dots!
  • lace!
  • punk style/DIY style!
  • Native American gear [waiting forever!!]

Yeah! That's right! So, here's to the future and seeing dark blues everywhere. I seriously want an ombre dark blue-to-white infinity scarf. Tomorrow! I'm going to Austin at noon to see this radical band:

For the 2nd time! My sister is going with me! I couldn't believe my ears when she said she was going along! Good times, and I promptly sent her links to my favorite songs. :D Teehee!!! I can't wait. It's going to be fun! So cheap, too! 16 bucks. 

Tegan & Sara were 44. T___T Why are Canadians so expensive?


When I was at my sister's I went to F21 and bought these cute things:

Bows & I finally have a braided headband again. :') It's been too long. My Native American one broke. In my hands. Catastrophic. Also, I bought the beautiful glass sprays from Victoria Secret. I think that the bottles make them more pretty and different than just the bigger plastic spray bottles. They look like this:

Sheer Love smells so good. Teehe! And I got Pure Seduction. Best. Smells. Ever.
Remember when I submitted to this site? Well, here I am!!!

Alllll, in it. I am finally glad I had the guts to submit on there. 

The serious news. I dropped my Physiology class today because I wasn't doing good at all. It's my second time taking it and I just wanted to make a high enough grade for the nursing program. So, I talked to my adviser for next semester and this summer and I asked her this: "Should I apply for this program?"


I am going to change majors. It has been a long, hard road for me. I feel like I'm going in circles with nursing. I'm terrible at science and math and it's been an uphill battle ever since I started. I thought this was the way. I thought this was it for me. So wrong. I spent 4 years being something I'm not. A nurse, that is. It's going to be hard to give up this ghost quickly. I dropped phys this morning, and when I got home I dumped all of my papers and lab notes from the past semesters. Honestly, it felt so good. I feel the burden leave my heart.

I don't know what to do with my life.

My mom actually prayed about this. About me. She saw me going back and forth to the computer lab late at night and it worried her. The reason I was going was because my teacher would give us 80-136 questions in one homework assignment!! Insane! He would put it up online, and give us like three days to do it! Also, here recently, he has been putting two at a time and making them due on the same day. -____-  My lab-mates told me he was the hardest teacher in the subject and a small percentage actually pass. I was in some deep trouble. Out of it now! Here I am. 2012. I'm praying about it. God knows where to put me. I am not transferring. I am not moving from San Angelo. I was put here for a reason. I think this step was the hardest thing I've ever done. To be real with myself, and know when enough is enough. I can't pass phys, and Microbiology & Pathophysiology is next. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to be in college forever.

So, I'm making a list. Things I like and would see as a career someday. I have a lot of thinking to do. At least I have summer to look forward to. I had an answered prayer because I read that dropping affects your financial aid and when I talked to the people in charge of that today, they said no! Yay, praise God! 

I dropped it like it's hot. 

But, seriously, I really don't know what I'm doing. God knows. He always know. Thankfully. My adviser was saying maybe I can major in psychology? 

I don't want to. I mean, I am not good with kids, and I don't want to be a teacher...what do you go with that? One of the things I am very concerned about is job placement. With nursing, you know you will have a job. That's a given. A straight shot to the hospital, or clinic. I mean, there isn't a doubt, but with other majors...ehhhh. My advisor is an economics major and she works in the nursing dept. Like...what? I want to work in my field. Not as a teacher, though. Something...cool. Something that says "Rachel!"

So, I'm going to take this weekend to relax and clear my head in Austin. Regroup and come back determined. It scares me that I don't have a solid major. But this video really struck home tonight for me. It's about just living life with no regrets and diving into the deep end of pool.

When reality strikes, it strikes so hard.

Don't touch the positive with the negative end. 

♥ and ideas,


Heh, Heh, Heh!

What a creeper title! Haaaaaaaaaaays!


It's Tuesday, and as always I'm swamped in homework. SXSW was amazing! I saw The Shins perform and non surprisingly they played my two favorite songs from them! People were everywhere. To get to the Shins, we had to walk a mile. I had on comfy shoes and I still got a blister. Not cool. I think it's gone now. Also, tonight. I submitted to this site finally! I wanted to do it forevs, and today I took a semi-okay picture and posted it! I will totally post my post on their site!

Back to SXSW; I didn't get to see Twin Atlantic. :( Also, they're going to be on the first half of the Warped Tour! Guess when it will be in Texas?

The second half. I can't win. Someway, I want to see them.

 Me & you-know-who at Big Bites in Austin! That burger was stuffed with everything that's bad for you but it was so so good! :}

Waiting at the custard stand after the Shins. A lot of people started crowding quick! We all had the same idea. 
 Our tired feet as we wait outside of  the Whataburger  for my sister to pick us up!

Right before she drove up, there was this guy on a bike talking to and loading his van up in this woman's sketchy van. Totally. Doors all open in the middle of the lot and just picking him up. We made up captions.

Woman: Yeah, we're like, having this small get together/house party at my place, and I was wondering if you wanted to come?

Dude: Oh, far out, far out. How big is it going to be?

Woman: Pretty small, one of my friend's cousins knows the guy from Passion Pit and he's suppose to stop by but it's still going to be hush-hush. I can give you ride.

Ha! So looked like that. Everyone thinks they are musicians in Austin. True story. I would love to live there, but I know after seeing everyone and their mom trying to get a small spot on the side showcase of SXSW it gets a little nagging. 

Let's just say that. ;) 

I didn't spend much time downtown as last year, but it was still filled with music galore. 

Speaking of music! Proudly presenting my second mixtape! :D


Just click away! I hope you enjoy the mixes. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should put on there? :)

My mom started her new job, and I'm so happy for her. She works at a state hospital 9-5. It's crazy, because it reminds of me of Shutter Island So bad. All the mentally unstable people are committed there along with pedophiles, and kids/teens who are insane or were not controllable by their families.  It's so sad, really. Your family dumps you on the state in a building where you live for a long time. The point of the place is to get the people stable enough for society. Most patients aren't supposed to be there for an extended period of time, but some are. Shutter. Island! Oh man. 

I just watched movie trailers for 20 minutes.

Don't judge me!



You're Just As Boring As Everyone Else!

Hello there!

It's been a whirlwind of a month, but I'm back! Spring Break is here and can you say excitement!?! I def can. I've been really inspired to DIY and I totally did. Fasten your seat belt; it's about to get crazy.

How are you guys? :) I've been mindlessly busy. Besides school and studying, I try to be social and do work at church. Youth stuff. Insane. Like, in Lubbock. Those kids are really getting something from God. Really really amazing. Happy. For them! Need it! Broken homes. What else? So, I was dead broke at the beginning of this month. No money and mom had not started her job...rent was due. I prayed and prayed. A blessing came through just on time for both of us. Money! Wooooo!! He always saves me...

On a lighter note, I am burning the midnight oil for you guys. In a couple of hours, I'm going to Austin for SXSW!!! Too excited for that! I really really want to see Twin Atlantic, but they are playing the showcase that costs hundreds of dollars? Is there any way I can see them? T___T Maybe on the streets downtown or in my dreams! I'm meeting up with her and we're going to turn ATX upside down in 24 hours. ;D I am going to try to get as many pictures as I can. Also, the main free show we're going to is The Shins! Honestly, they aren't on my list to see, but it's SXSW and I think they're pretty cool. :) So, I'm happy to go with my friend. I'm also spending time with my sister. :) Oh! Btw, she came up here two or three weekends ago. It was really fun and I knew that she needed to get away. She gets so stressed sometimes! I'm happy she made it up. So! I tried doing this DIY for a printed shirt on Monday. First day of SB and I started it off with a bang!

The main reason I did the project because my green v-neck had a big oil stain on it. :( I couldn't bare to part with it, so I wanted to do this! 

The finished shirt:

:3 I love it! Can you tell? It took me all day. I ran into some problems, though:

  • The paint. I used acrylic, and I guess I misread the instructions that said fabric paint? So, it went through the shirt because it was so thin. Also, the newspaper I was using stuck to the back of the shirt. -_- Whoops.
  • The paint smeared so some of the hearts loop weird. 
  • It took forever.
I think all the probs were because of the paint, and then it spilled on my carpet! FML. I used this cleaner that had bleach in it. A small foot shaped bleach mark was the result. Never. Again!

I couldn't leave the paint, could I? I should be sleeping, but I really wanted to update before I left and let you guys know what I'm doing. Also, I'm going to put the second mixtape up on my next post! I know, I know, I'm sorry!! :) This week has passed by so fast! It makes me sad, because I wanted to go s l o w, because I don't want to go back to schoolskis!

We don't need no education! 

Anyway, I'm going to head to bed and try to get some rest. Can I fly instead? I don't even feel like driving to ATX tomorrow...


I've been addicted to selling my stuff on eBay. Go and look and bid on my shirt and skirt! :D

Right here

♥ and mushy kisses, 

PS: Ohhhh! Guns of Brixton!
I have fallen in love with this guy. Go watch his videos.


My Flesh May Fail, But My God, You Never Will.

Hay, guys, haaay!

I promised pictures from Lubbock, so that's exactly what I'm doing. I also just want to say this. This week has been hectic. Way stressful, and God has been with me the whole time. Just like always. :) I was out of gas for my car. Seriously. On E. I didn't have any money and my tax return so far from my bank account it's unreal. One of the ladies from church tonight said she was impressed to give me gas money and just money for extra stuff.


I just love the Lord. You know, He is always on time, and I think that people are in your life for a purpose. Everything has a purpose. One of the chicks who just started coming to our church called me tonight and was just singing praises. How simple, but powerful. She was just lifting her voice to the Lord. I...I....wow. Now, I have gas and money left to spare. Also, my mom was invited out to eat tomorrow to celebrate a birthday! The restaurant they're going to is the same one she's been wanting to go to! Super flippin' buffet! Also, all this week my eye has been twitching. I looked it up and it's from stress factors or fatigue. I'm pretty sure I have both of those. It's been a rough semester already and it's not even midway. I was wondering about other people and their majors and what they deal with...I can't say I haven't thought about throwing in the towel. But something always stops me. God. I've gone so far and worked hard to get to SA to throw it out the window. No. I'm not surrendering. Not ever, not in the future. Just...NO! Tonight, I have on this biiig hoodie and I don't feel particularly fashion-y, but that doesn't stop me from creeping some bloggies. Which, I'm going to put up a blogroll. So, you guys can see what I read and get inspiration from. :)

Changes. They are a'coming! How did you like the mix? Any suggestions on making them better? 


Mhm! :) Kids praying at the alter and all that jazz!

More to come, we are in the middle of a revival and I'm mega excited! That mix is coming soon, so don't get too antsy. ;D 
I was thinking about getting a wig!





It feels like it's been forever!

Has it? 

No wayyy. How are you guys? I hope so good. So, so good. :) This week flew by and I have 32 minutes left of Leap Day! I didn't do anything special, just went to school and such.

Washed clothes? Extra lame. I hope everyone liked my mix! I'm want to try to make another one this week, but my sister is coming up to visit so I may not see a computer for a while! Well, until Monday or so! I do want to update you.

So, the conference in Lubbock was amazing! I'm glad the kids got to go and I was able to as well. Also, on Sunday, I was really touched by God and it was more than needed. Sometimes His love and grace overwhelms me. In a very good way. I just want Him to use me like I've never been used before. 2012. This is it.

Before I forget, Friday's outfit!

T to B.

Blacked out. Real talk. And I had my creepers on. Just a creepin'. ;) SXSW is coming up in a hurry. March 13th to be exact, and I can't wait! It's going to a mess of fun and mess of mess! This girl and I are going! Hopefully. Don't jinx it, guys. We will be hitting the streets, and I definitely will be on the lookout for this band, because it's my goal of the whole week to see/meet/go to their show. I need to! Have to! I'm coming for them hxc. I am going to get into as many free shows as I can. There was a guy who was really cute who sat by me and I didn't say anything. Shucks. :(  I have a lot of random things on my mind, and it's hard to catch all of them. I'm just one weird cookie. 


PS: But, you don't really care for music, do ya?
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