Music Makes The People Come Together!

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Can not get this song out of my head.
I'm nervous about work. Probably because it's been a week since I've been.


#20: I can't believe it's time to go.


You're Never Gonna Believe This!


What a day/weekend!! Eisley was
so amazing. They are beautiful in person. First of all, when I got there, I was kinda early and I ended up behind these two black kids. They were looking good, but I think they were making fun of me. Turning around and giggling. That's okay, when we got up to the gate, they had to go get their tickets and I went ahead of them. :) Karma. So, it was in the smaller room in the Warehouse; very cute and cozy. Their little sister & brother opened and Ives the Band. They were pretty good. Talented and nice. I loved that it was so intimate and the closeness was addicting. It made me think all the more about leaving. I'm going to miss home, but I'm ready to go. Oh, and I totally made it there and back without directions! Heck yes! I remember when I had to get my friend's mom to drop me off at shows because I couldn't go to them myself. Woah, young times. So, yeah! I got the setlist! I was being weird and didn't get the pick, but this guy by me did. Good for him. I didn't even get the people next to me's sweat on my clothes! YES! My 9th grade math teacher was there; he wasn't kidding when he said he loved them a lot. He mentioned that this was his 4th time seeing them. The first after his son was born. So sweet! Enough chit-chat! The pictures/videos!

set list, set list!
As an encore, they played Trolley Wood! I was so happy! ^___^

A bit of pedals.

Christie DuPree ♥

Christie & her brother, Colin!

Ives the Band! [cute drummer. Hehehe!]

Jason Tolliver, the leadsinger, doing his thing. They aren't too bad! Their music is like poppy whimsical rock. :) It's cute, and they have a certain way of swaying with the beat onstage. Jason can actually sing. That's the best part.

The best drummer shot I could manage. He was too busy flailing around, being hot. ;D


Stacy & you can't see Chauntelle, but she is there on the other side.

Garron!! He's 2 months younger than me. Tee-he!

Sherri! She was looking cute, and I snagged her setlist. :)


Christie singing:

Brightly Wound:

Marvelous Things:

Telescope Eyes ♥:

You might want to turn your volume down. They're a bit loud. :)

Hunter Burgan of TranquilMammoth.blogspot.com fame and AFI fame made a VYou account. VYou is a site where you answer people's questions through a video chat! I asked two and since he's pretty popular, I didn't even think I'd have him answer but he did!!! Screeeeenshot time!

Yep! I asked "How is Tegan?"

Also, I went lightwriting with this lovely fellow:

Tori! I can't wait to see his pictures! We did a lot of them. :) This is where he blogs.
Here & Here. Check him out and follow him. He is such a sweetie pie. Also so tall!

I'm jealous of a boy's height.

Whew! That's all I have for now! 2 or 3 day post! So worth it! Goodnight!


#19: I'm pretty healthy for the time being. But I always imagine that I'm on the brink of death.



No Black Friday for me!

Well, maybe a little but this is what I'm really excited about:



PS: I ate way too much food, and my belly hurts.

#18: The cold air makes me feel good.


I Saw Joanna Newsome On TV.

So I did it. I made a playlist like a lot of musician bloggers I read. I'm a follower. =/ Some songs that I've listened to a lot the past week. I hope you like them too! :) Maybe this is the answer to my music section of my blog! :O I feel like I've solved world hunger. Or gingivitis. No, no...just made more stuff appear on my square of interwebz.

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Happy Thanksgiving btw! Just...saying. :)

#18: If you say a word enough times, it starts to sound weird.


Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Happy Thanksgiving, guys & bloggy!

I'm thankful for:
  • God
  • not being sick exactly on Thursday
  • friends
  • family
  • soda that makes me burp
  • my sister being home. ^_^
What are youuuu thankful for? I downloaded a Descendents album. Excited/grateful for that! I go get my sister from the Greyhound, and we end up in the ghetto. Scared us half to death. It's ridiculously dark. Barely any light. We made it out of there, though. We were thinking about kids who grew up there and that's all they know and them trying to make a new life for themselves. Get out of there and become something. Go to school and for girls, not get pregnant and stay in the projects. Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! I went to see Motion City Soundtrack! I lurrrve them, and they were amazing. Justin Pierre and Joshua Cain were getting back on their bus and I got a wave. C: I was happy about that! I suck because I was in the second row, front and center through all the crappy bands and then when Motion City was up, I got sick. Like nauseated. I gave it up. Maaan, anyways. Here is Motion City's setlistbecausethat'sallIcareabout!

The Weakends
Everything Is Alright ♥
Pulp Fiction ♥
Capital H
This Is For Real ♥
Feel Like Rain
Indoor Living
Her Words Destroyed My Planet ♥
Even If It Kills Me ♥
When You're Around
Make Out Kids ♥
My Favorite Accident ♥
Broken Heart
A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help) ♥

Back To The Beat
Disappear ♥
The Future Freaks Me Out ♥

Such a good set! I loved just about every song! :) Besides my feet feeling like cornhusks, I had such a great time! A girl apologized for grinding her junk on me! It can't get any better than that! Some vid. :)

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves!

Saves The Day = made me remember 10th grade all over again.

Say Anything..no words. I didn't like it.


Everything Is Alright!

Capital H!

Even If It Kills Me!

Make Out Kids!

My Favorite Accident!

Look at this!

An egg omelet with a stack of pancakes! So much food for after a concert, so I did a take out. Like..15 minutes after I got there. I think I will make that a tradition...Ihop after concertos. :D Tomorrow, I will be going up to Cleveland [other side of Houston] to see my mom's cousin and to film my psychology project. I'm nervous that I won't be filming much, but God will be with us. Me & my sister. :)


#17: Pop music isn't bad, our time is.


TGIF Forevs!

Hello friends! :)

Am I glad it's Friday!! It's been one of those weeks all week long! Oh my! Tuckered out. Literally. Just kidding. Here I sit, too legit to quit. Well, I did put in a date of when I am leaving the my job. I'm happy to see it go. It's a really calm environment, but the way things are running is weird. Tonight, I may go and light writing with my friend. I haven't seen him in forever. He was away at college. :) Everyday I've been going like crazy. Last night, my friend and her boyfriend threw a going away party because they are moving up north to find work. We had such a great time. Hilarious stuff. Some of the good stuff: going under the bridge and tipping over a port-a-potty that smelled like Ben-Gay and had crap in it. Also, going out on the piers and watching the fog slowly rise from the river. Halfway singing "Cute Without the "E"" at the top of our lungs, and being scared of scaling the bridge. Screaming like a kid on the playground[s]. Oh man, nothing beats it. I'll miss them! They are off in a better place. Their dog. Tried to jump on me from the time I came onto patio to when I left. He even was on my car! I don't even know what was up with that dog. Had to wrangle him up! No lie. I hate that dog now. Too much inappropiate stuff with that thing. Nuuu-huh. Animal magnetism my foot.


Gimme That Vintage Feel

I'm trying to dress better and more what I say my style is. I'll probably post some pictures of what I'm wearing and show you guys. I need your opinion on what I should nix and keep. Byee!

♥ and honesty,

#16: Blush look good on every girl.


Like A Puzzle, I Wait To Be Finished.

HEY guys! HEEEEY guys! Gruess what!

Going. I got accepted and I'm so excited!! I'm finally getting out of here. I just can't wait. I know that it's going to be different...but I'm still happy to be moving forward.

I found this on a Tumblr. CX Who knew, right? Heh, heh, heh. It's a weird feeling knowing I'm going to be gone, but I know it's time. Looking at some apartments now.


#15: My left pinkie finger is double jointed. ^__^


Close & Far.

I have tickets to the Motion City Soundtrack concert!! Get pumped!! :D :D


#14: concerts make me happy, excited, and fall in love with certain types of music all over again.


Sunday. Late. Night.

You should definitely give her a listen, I have been listening all weekend:

These guys too:


#13: Jack White is so weird...but great at the same time.


I Grasp The Microphone With My Right Hand.

My title is a lyric from a song by The Blue Hearts! "Boko No Migite". It's so good, and so is the movie based on them. :) Just another Saturday in the museum. I can't wait to leave permanently. I have this urgency to go. And not look back. Here lately, I've been looking at this positive body image Tumblr. I won't say the name, but I will add a link later. It says it's for chubby girls, but a lot of normal sized women post on there. Basically, you post a picture of yourself and your measurements, and a little bit about you. Something positive or uplifting. Most of the time people do, but some have trouble saying that they even like their bodies. I think it's a good site, because it builds women up who don't have that self-esteem or even see themselves as pretty/beautiful. Honestly, I've never told myself that I'm beautiful. It is hard when you have had so much pressure to look a certain way and you're not that. You don't fit the mold of what the media/your parents/your ideals want you to look like. I know that being fat or out of shape is bad for your health, but a lot of people are just big boned. Just last night, my mom was telling me about another weight loss program, and I just flat out said, "I'm doing this my way. I'm eating healthier, and exercising. Without a program to help me." All shapes and sizes on there, and I can't get enough because those women..look like me. I can relate to them because of that. Everyday people. They are big like me, and I am trying to change, but for now I'm still plus size. So, I have to work with what I have. Dress my current body. What gives me hope for a relationship, is girls who are bigger than me with hot boyfriends and they have it going on. I mean, that is so rad. I just have to go and conquer! You guys should check it out. Some of the pictures are pretty risque, so brace yourself. X3 In other news, here is a video from the Halloween show of ....
Earhart. ♥

Soundtrack cover. ;D

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!

^__^ Two things I love: clothes & music. Also, I'm seriously in like with bows right now. So cute, and so mine. I bet they are easy to make, too. Lates!

Rachel! :)

#13: I am finally starting to dress pretty.


To Write Love On Her & My Arms.

Today is TWLOHA day! So, I wrote 'love' on my wrist today! I actually participated this year and did not skip it like last year. Whew! I am so into blogging right now.

Earthly Rocker.

Eh? Ehhh? Yeah. Later! ;)


#12: How do I say the words I need to? It's been too long, and I've grown weary of a dead-end conversation.

Are You Ready For This? Because...I'm Not.

HEY! ^___^
What can I say? It's been too long and I have a super duper big post for you guys just for that! Updates galore!









1. I bought super cute lipgloss from Forever 21! So cheap! I don't even...it's so nice. And I was asking the cashier why it's so cute/cheap, and we laughed about it. Ah, good stuff.

2. You know? The black guy from the Old Spice commercials? That is funny but is actually attractive? I saw an Old Spice ad in Wal-Mart a long time ago! I totally forgot to put it on here. There was a cardboard cut-out and a screen playing an ad. Classy. This. So funny!

3. The most random thing that happened at my job. Okay, the custodian is Mexican. She is. No doubt. She brings in bunny-shaped bread to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. See those red shaped circles? I thought they smelled like strawberries so I'm thinking the bread is filled with strawberry or tasted like that...no. It's just plain bunny bread. Ultimate hypedown. It was still pretty good. I think you're supposed to dip it in jam or something.

4. I had this win seafood gumbo at this cafeteria style restuarant in the neighboring town. So good. I ate every bit and I was sick that day. I went back this week to eat...closed down for repairs. MAAAAAN. T____T

5. I was Dorothy for Halloween. I didn't take any full figure photos because I can't hold a camera that well and my mom couldn't either. But I have my face! And my wig with ponytails me and my mom separated! :O The night before Halloween, I had nothing to do, so me and my friend went to a local show. It turned out great! The band, Earhart was there..well, 2 members and they played my fave song "June, July, August"! Tell you what. Just as good acoustically. I was happy to see them, and then the place where the show was thrown. Okay, think...haunted creepy house that is still under construction. Tall windows, pine trees in the front yard, tall scary wooden doors and doorways, and in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We got lost 3 times. My friend was Bella. Could not tell. Overall a good night. Also! My lovely friend Kim, wants to feature me on her blog!

My hair has gotten so short. I couldn't go on having the parted on the side look, because it made me look like I was 13. Okay? Sooo, I turned it into a faux-hawk. I thought it was a good idea at the time, and I look my age. FINALLY. My friends love it. :) They think I pull it off. On Thursday though, I was wearing a flannel shirt with it. Almost a lesbian. Just kidding, but I was totally thinking that. My friend reassured me I looked straight. :D My hair is sooo short. Man. But, I'm okay with the fact that I will never have hair like this:

Or this:

This too:

Right? Right. I paid off my car! It gives me another reason to save money! ^___^ I'm transferring to a college in spring. I am so happy to be leaving. B-County is just...a letdown. I mean, it's so...boring here. I'm ready to get out of here. I mean, I can't go on. I feel old and way behind. I need a get away. No jokes, pure serious. Especially all the colleges I'm applying to. There are a lot of Texas schools and a good number don't have a nursing program. I was shocked! o_o North Texas? Really? Yes. Yes, they do not have a program. Sam Houston as well. Surprising. Guess who appeared on Conan and did such a funny little interview? ♥

O, how I love thee, Michael Cera. We are a year apart in age. There is a way for us to be together. He is a great actor, funny, and so cuuute.^///^ I don't care if you're Canadian. I just can't help it. There's many posts after this. Gotta catch up!


#11: I have a fever blister. It's so gross.
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