Heck Yes!

I am overwhlemed at what I need to do!

Not anymore, but I was. I'm going to Lubbock tomorrow! My church is going to a conference and at first I wasn't going to go because of money, but my friend stepped in and paid for me.

Super. Blessed! I can't believe she did that for me. Bffs. c:

It's already Thursday, and I'm steadily going along. How is your week going? 

I definitely have the p-list ready to go! Not backing out on any promises! Here's Monday's outfit:

**edit** I can't make it work. I'm sorry, but here's the Internet version of what I wore today and Monday.

Monday from top to bottom:

Yay! :) That is what I wore the first day out. Going out hot! Today, I just mashed up what I've been wearing. I am in the process of diying a very long skirt into a short one. Pictures soon! I just realized I'm doing this punx thing all mixed up. :/ Sorry aboot that, I hope you can follow what I'm saying. For Wednesday, this is what I wore:

It's almost red, white, and blue! My skirt doesn't look like that, this picture is a bit pilgrim, but it's very similar. No bunching at the waist, though. It was windy yesterday, and I got a lot of weird looks as I walked to class with my long skirt on. It never blew up, though. 


Today, I was a slob [typical punx], and wore my clash shirt with these things:

My vest was black, not denim. The one I wore on Monday. I've really been listening to The Beach Boys a lot. I think that's a good thing, so I think you should too. I am def jumping into the pool of surf rock. I love it! So, hopefully I can snap some pictures of the Lubbock trip and get some real outfit posts up soon. In the mean time and inbetween time, I have this for you!

happy listening!



Isn't It Strange?

Hello there. :)

How is your week going? It's punk rock [rawk] week and I couldn't be more happier to see my last exam go. Bye, sucker!

Still working on configgin' that mixtape. As she said in the previous entry, I am going to lay low from the PO, and leave a playlist for you. If you want the songs, and have no money to buy them from where ever, lemme know.  I'll get a carrier pigeon and send them to you. Just kidding, but I'll fix you up

Does that happen to you guys? If someone says something from a song, you have to sing it out? That happens to me a lot. Hahaha, I think it's pretty rad. Today, I saw 2 Mormon guys on bikes sneaking around my school. I kind of feel like that's cheating; there are like 18 year old kids who are away from home and have no idea what they're doing. Perfect targets. Not cool.I digress..

I promised pictures of my outfits, and that's exactly what I'm going to do! I've had some problems with my phone synching with my computer, so Monday's outfit probably won't make it up. =/ I have some pictures of my face, and stuff so I'll post that. Also, for today, I'm going to help you picture what I was wearing as well since my phone is on the fritz. Confession: I can not take pictures. I'm photogenic, but I can't hold a cam for my life. v_v

Kind of stinks, but I'll be okay! 

I am determined to post those Monday pics. I've decided. 

Tuesday from top to bottom:

That's how it went today. :) I wanted to mix it up and not do black socks. Too school girl. Also, I searched for a plaid skit and it's ridiculous. Had to choose the least sluttiest! D:<  Btw, those are the exact shoes I have. :3 I was really happy to see them online. No regrets on T.U.K creepers. I think I lost my Buddy Holly pin. :( I need to find it! I wrote yesterday, and now I'm writing again tonight! :D This is very good. I realized that I can wear my vest over my hoodie. It's cold in the mornings, but warm in the afternoons, so that's just the thing. I'm not so excited to see the spring, but I hate snow. If it just snowed in yards, I'd like it better. My faux hawk wasn't curly. It was just straight. 
This was Monday:

I tried to re-create that headband bandanna look that's oh so vintage. Usually, I never do it with my bangs out. I try to push all my hair upwards. Somewhere. X3 It didn't come apart all day, so I was glad about that. Look at my HK head phones! All in Hastings. Happy Tuesday, everyone!



Oh Me, Oh My.

Why, hello everyone! :)

My week/weekend of tyranny is over and I'm so glad!! One more exam and I'm scotch free. I passed my first math exam! Heck yes! I was SO pumped about that. I'm doing my homework as I write this, so I'm holed up in the library on campus. So, tomorrow is President's Day and nothing is open which stinks because school is all open like it isn't a holiday. Ugh; I guess it could be worse. This is random, but I know a new version of the iPhone came out that's white, but now that's ALL I see is white iPhones. No one has the regular black one. A few people I know. Like...5. Totally weird how the majority is very abrasive and upfront. I'm working on my first mix to put up for you and I think I'm going to go with  a list of <10 songs because almost a CD is just too much all around. Too much for you guys, and too much for me to put up. Does anyone know of a good uploader? I'm going to find out which one is better. I definitely want to do this the right way. I've been into this hairstyle lately:

Just loving it. Anyways, I'm def into making over Bare Bones and doing better at updating. A turn around in 2012! :D Do you ever read old stuff you've written down? I journal a lot. Ever since I was like, 8 and I was so weird. o_o No lie, and very ridiculous. I guess I can't help it now, but I was such a weirdo. This week is going to be radical because I only have one test and I'm semi-ready! :D Trying hardcore.

Let's get it.


PS: Last post I didn't format it into my favorite font; none of that this time. Verdana all the waaay!


Directionless. Hmm.

I don't know. I am so tired. My eyes are burning. I don't know how I worked at a job where I looked at the computer all day.  Is this what it's all about? College. I wanted to stop by and say hello. :) I'm not so far behind on homework and things, but I definitely have to get back in the habit. I didn't do as well as I'd hope on my first Chem exam. 

I had it in the bag. Guess not. Ooooh, just you wait, atoms.                         


Someone want to give me that jacket? Jking; Mom is going to her interview on Friday! Excited!!! :D Finally! The lady in human resources lost her application and made her reapply. That same day she called her to schedule her in.

Somebody is going to get cut and lose a limb. I was so mad. Mom was more relaxed than me. 

Good, because that lady would have lost a limb. She better watch her back and her house. Someone has a death wish. Cut telephone wires. They say she's old and needs to retire. I will gladly take her place. Oooh!

Anyway. Have a good end to the week!


PS: Next week I want to do 5 days of punk-rock. 


Dude, Woah.

Hehehe, hello.

So, it's been a few and I'm going to make this a short entry or whatevs.

I am off my fast! Let's hear it!!! Feeling so so good about that!

A celebrity died. Oh no. :( RIP!

Let's see, I've been doing really well. I am determined to keep up with homework and school. Still search searching for jobs. It's really hard, but God is on my side! Also! Gungor & Eisley are coming to Austin in March! Can't wait to see them! I want to at least make one concert. :3



Happy Valentine's! I've been seeing a lot of hot & cold responses to it. It's either you love it or hate it. Which is lame to me. It's a holiday, guise. I want to wish allll of my viewers a beautiful Valentine's [it's like, after 7pm here so it's almost over] and that your lovely wishes come true. Or came true. Whichever. What did you do today? So, my mom wished me a good V-Day and I went to school. My friend sent my mom chocolate covered strawberries! That was so sweet of her! Total surprise to my mom. I was so happy that made mom's day! Good things! When I was a kid, I said "Valentimes". Just saying. I was thinking of not just sprucing up the blog itself, but maybe even  making over the format of how I write?

I know most of you enjoy music. I do too! So, I was thinking of doing a weekly mixtape of stuff I'm getting into or my recommendations. Even the songs I've been listening to the most out of that certain week. I won't do a whoollle lot of songs, but maybe I could do like 10-13? If you please, give me some feedback in the comments. I don't want to overload anyone with music that might not be to everyone's tastes. That will DEF make me blog more and you guys get to see more of me! :)

Heck yeah. I need to blog more often because I just do. What's a better reason? So, I don't know if any of you get this, besides herskis, but I always get hit on by creepers. -___- I absolutely hate it. I mean, who would love it? Come. ON! Dude, guys who are half decent never come up to me. It's like I'm a creeper magnet. Do I have a sign above my head that says, "Creepers Only?!" SMH! In Wal-Mart the other night, I was randomly shopping at midnight, and this guy passes me by and says hello. Which is fine. Normal. Normy normal. Alright, I go to the dairy section and he comes up to me again and this is how this ridic convo went:

C: Do you work at the state school? [A school for the mentally challenged and socially inept.]
Me: No, I don't.
C: Are you from here?
Me: No.
C: Where are you from?
Me: Farther south.
C: Do you have a boyfriend? [What in the world?! Left. Field!]
Me: No. [I turn my back to him, ending the convo but he keeps rattling on.]
C: Are you married?
Me: Yes.
C: You just said no and then yes!
Me: I AM married.
C: Fine! I was just trying to get your number!

WHAT IN THE WORLD!?? This guy is black with nasty clothes on and his hoodie on his head in a store. Probably has body parts in his basement. Nasty!! 
Normal guys never talk to me. T___T Why God?! Anyways, always happens like this; I have it down to a science to get rid of them. My creepy neighbor who moved, random drunk homeless people when I lived back home. Just...! I don't even know. 

I need to get a gun. Last weekend, some of the youth and adults went to a V-Day banquet and one of the guys asked us if we wanted to go to the gun range. Guess who spoke up first? ;D 

So can't wait to go. Perfect first date. 

I've been wanting/scoping out a not-so-clean cut/rockabilly guy for a while: 

 Very nice. :) He's out there..somewhere! Probably not in SA. Probably....not. I saw a cool dude by the tat shop, but no. You never know.


A) I almost got this plaque from the Goodwill a couple weeks ago, and then I decided I wouldn't know where to put it. I DO need more things to decorate my apt with,because it's still bare after being there almost a year. :'( I'm definitely trying to spruce/Rachel it up.

B) My plans on decor. 

C) Remember Ring Pops?! Better than Baby Bottle Pops, and look how fat & awkward my hand is! Fatskis! I bought a bag of 4 for a dollar. Such a win. :33

I hope this week goes well for you. :) I spy some sneaky kids walking around the library. Oh! At the V-Day thing, we went to the mall after and I saw a guy who looked like Joey Ramone in Chic-Fil-A!!

Out there havin' fun. In the warm California sun.



Saturday! Radurday!

Heeeeys! I wanted to do a vid for you and just update there. I sound really weird on here, but it's whatevs. 

 Hot mess.




Wash Off Your Face & Dance.

Has anyone done Bloglovin' before? I am thinking about trying it tonight.

Church was great as always, and I'm so happy. So much joy inside of this body. 3 days left and the devil is fighting me. Temptation literally at every corner.

He won't win. 

I have God on my side, and He always comes up on top. I'm sitting at the lab trying to do my math in my head. Not working. I think I like the updated look of my bloggy  a lot. It looks really neat and fun. I did like the black classic look but it never hurts to try something new. :) Thursday night and I'm really excited. Tomorrow I start my water fast. I haven't thought of any lonely aspects of my life the last three weeks and I'm really happy about that because I was consumed by that. It was so so overwhelming. Y'know? Now, I think that God is showing me there's way more to life than myself. I feel so grateful that He is my teacher. I am selfish, but my God [and yours] is selfless. I just have such a burden for my friends who don't know the Lord, or have been mislead.

Oh man, but honestly I missed meat. My mom is fasting with me and she actually loves this lifestyle and wants to keep it up. She is a spry chicken! Goodness. I hope you have a blessed weekend.

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