Incandescent Oppertunities

Hello lovelies!

I am swimming in swaps! I just got through battling tests in school and now I've reached the other side.  It is happier here. Oh my goodness, one of the muggers in the movie Date Night was in Never Been Kissed as the popular guy! He was leatherific, and I thought he was dreamy. Hahaha, oh to be 10 again. That movie looks good! I can't wait to see it. Also, Alice is so wonderful. With 3D and without it. Tim did such a good job. Like always, but you know...giving credit where it's due. Just good. I have seen it...three times already. I think that is the most times I've seen one movie in theaters. Year One is close second.  I saw that...two times. What else, guys? I will be finishing On In At very soon. Like today! It's been almost a year. It's a set of picture diaries from Tegan & Sara. It's taking me forever!! T_T


PS: One of my partners added me on Facebook. She's from Malaysia. ^__^ Too cool.


Yay, Fridays!

My name is Rachel, and I am addicted to Charles Trippy. I stayed up almost all night last night studying for my Anatomy and History tests. Needless to say...it was worth it. I guess. If you're into that kind of thing. So, now it's almost 2 am and I have to be in the office in 6 hours. Whoops! Anyways, the week is almost done and I am happy Easter is coming. Not only do I get candied eggs but Good Friday! That's where the party is at. So, in a book swap, I got an Ecology book. Seriously, I am not joking. The note in the book said it was one of my partner's favorite books.


I get the short end of the stick everytime. It doesn't even matter!! Life is so weird! It's taking me forever to do this blog. Slow blog. Watch out!

I love you,


PS: Both of the books were really good. There should be more girl versions of a coming-of-age.


You Really Got Me.

I am currently reading this!
along with
Both are funny and just so real. It's great to read again, I missed it. Also, I am back in school, and I feel like I am in the Sophomore Slump. My grades are less than good, and I feel extremely burnt. I am sure that everyone else feels that way. I just feel alienated, and dumb. REALLY dumb. Bad? Yes. Also, my sleeping pattern is so radical. I am thinking about dedicating a corner of my blog to music. :) Albums that I think should be discovered or what I am currently obsessing over. Speaking of, I can't get over how cute & funny Charles and Ali are from their YouTube channel. I can't get enough of their lives. It's the cutest! Check it out, you won't be disappointed. :) Their dogs are flippin' adorable, it's ridic. My sister's friend, who is also my friend and native to Hungary, asked her to borrow one of my books for reading and learning English! I am excited to send him one, but he wants an 8th grade level book! I have no clue what to get him! But this did give me a reason to buy a rad mini notebook for him to write down words or phrases that he doesn't get. I love going to Target, it smells so nice! I'm going to use the other minis for jotting down weird occurrences in life.



Semi-circles of another life.

♥ Hidey-ho! [lame.] I think I've had an awesome week. I finally made my dream reality by going to watch the sunrise at the beach! I brought my little sister along for the fun, and we ended up eating waay too much at Ihop. Yay for obesity! On the real, it was really fun and Spring Break was very needed for me. I am so happy I had that time to recharge and get ready for the second hump of the semestahhhh. Dude. Spring is almost gone, and summer will be starting. I feel like I can do anything right now, but once school comes a rolling it will be a slump once more. I think I am burnt out or something. Oh! Look at this gem I happened to get while in Houston:

This was the dimly lit coffee shop that I mentioned before! Agora's! The lighting is bad, but we had fun. I spilled coffee all over my friend! Heck yes! The tables looked like the trays waiters use to carry food out...what?! Tonight I will try to catch up on everything, and be ready for tomorrow.



Spring Break Attack!!!


So, Spring Break is officially here!! I am so excited! I just got done doing 2 swaps for my partners. One was a book swap, and I sent this beauty:

Not bad, right? So, I BETTER BE GETTING A LEGIT BOOK BY MY PARTNER. I got such a letdown last time. I seriously was bummed. No joke. I wanted to hit the beach this break, but I have all these distractions! My church is basically just blowing up with activities for the youth [i.e. me] this week. From painting to garage sales, it's been going strong. I actually just got back from sleeping over with my bestie. We never get to hang out because we live far away and we have adult-like things to do. Suuucks. If I could, I would make adulthood funnier. Some. Way. Sheesh, it's the pits sometimes. Oh! And I want to start a new section on my bloggy dedicated just to music! I have some ideas in the works, but we will see. ;) The other swap was to send a CD full of local music goodness to another person. I sent mostly While You Were Gone. They are really talented, and I'm not sure why they aren't signed yet. Also, they've been around for a long time. They are boss. Twitter is getting on my nerves.


PS: How is everyone's Spring Break hopping along? :D


It Seems It's Getting Better All The Time.

Well. Hello!

It's Friday!! The weekend before Spring Break. Instead of getting ready for SXSW, I'm working! Yeah! :D No, but seriously. I am really happy SB is here and I asked off early enough to get all of the week off. ^__^ Oh yeah, I'll be living it up. My bed is calling me. Last night, I went to the lively city of Houston for some debauchery with my friend. Actually, we went to a Christian club. At night. At the University of Houston campus. They were real nice people. :) Oh! We actually saw Indian Christians! I've never seen that before ever! They were really nice; we accidentally walked into their meeting. Indians For Jesus. Afterwards, we searched the almost empty streets for something to do. We ended up at Agora. I spilled coffee onto my partner in crime and we went to the outdoor patio. While we were gazing out into the streets, I thought about how possible it is for me to live there. To study there for my degree. I've been basically beating up my sleeping, and I've been super tired the last two weeks. Ugh, me.


PS: Have a safe and wonderful Spring Break! Don't drink or drive! jk!


Wednesday Thoughts.

So, with my random sleep pattern, I was up late last night. So what better way to night owl it up than watching movies! I watched Annie Hall, which totally supports the most squeamish New York Jew...Woody Allen. My gosh, he was such a complaining little so and so! It's about Woody living in New York and turning 40. He's been through 2 failed marriages and has picked up comedy. He is still looking for the meaning of life. In comes this pretty brunette who loves photography and life. We know her by Diane Keaton. Life ensues. The movie is really good; 500 Days of Summer probably mused from it. It ends realistically. I think that is the best ending sometimes.

Also, I finally got to watch a documentary that I've been longing to see: Afro-Punk! It was ok, the camera man must have been half asleep. The views were very weird. It was really eye-opening for me! The people on there were black people who are in bands, who are punks, who live differently than your average black hip-hopper on the street. The subjects talked about how they had to struggle in a culture that puts you down if you're not the same as everyone else; they sought out something less ordinary. And for some, even in the punk scene or rock scene, they didn't feel at home. They always saw themselves as the black person at a show or the sore thumb. They never felt at home. What was weird was some had a mindset of alienation, and didn't welcome other black punk kids to their side of the scene. I felt sad for them. For me, I understand what they are saying, but that isn't me. I'm not just punk. I don't see myself as "Oh, I'm a black girl so I have to objectify myself or make everyone stay away." I love people and I have friends who are different races. Not just white or just black. :) I think some kids who are trying to find who they are should appreciate who and what they've picked up on that journey. I can't say I haven't been teased for "liking white people music". I have, and ironically, it's the black people who do the taunting. It's a shame how racist my culture has become. The thing that oppressed us in the beginning is here again. I am going to live my life nonetheless. Not only that, God is most important in my life, not if someone likes me or not. He has blessed me beyond reason. My sister didn't understand why I watched this documentary. Haha, I wanted to see inside other people's lives. See how they are and what their thoughts are. I recommend everyone seeing this. Even non-black people! A shock! I know!

I bought some classic albums! All for under 15 bucks!

Punk O' Rama!

Another Misfits classic album, Walk Among Us!

I haven't listened to them yet, but I'm excited!


PS: I am so happy to not be doing my job's book review today! Yes.


An entry? Why, yes.


I've been so busy that I have neglected my small space on the interwebz, well no more!
So, I went to see Tegan & Sara two
or so weeks ago!!!! They were awesome!! I loved their set, and there was an encore, too! I so wanted to meet them, but we were at Warehouse Live, and it was jam packed. @_@ There was one guy who lit up in the middle of everyone, and we gave him dirty looks. I worked that day, so I was pumped the whole day. It was so exciting. I listened to their music for 3 days before the show. Do any of you do that? :) When we got the club, the line was wrapped around the building and stretched to the parking lot!! So many people! It was a fun show, though. Two of my last.fm friends were there!! It was awesome! I didn't get to party with them, but I'm sure we will soon. I got pictures and some video from the concert!! Yes! The opening bands were Steel Train and Holly Miranda. Steel Train reminded me of a New Jersey version of The Killers and the lead singer looked like my best friend's ex. Haha! Take a look:

1. Steel Train opening the concert and rocking it!

2. Tegan & Sara!! ♥ I guess I didn't take pictures of Holly Miranda. She wasn't that good, honestly. =/

3. They are just rocking it! Go, go!

4. :)

5. My last good one.

This lovely lady was kind enough to let me use her pictures, since she was 4th row from the stage! She knows my friend, Jen aka xZapEmDead on last.fm! Exciting! Thanks guys! ^___^

1. Both

2. Sara Quin ♥

3. Tegan Quin ♥

It was quite an amazing night. I was just happy to be there. Here is the setlist:

The Ocean ♥
On Directing
The Cure

Hell ♥
Sentimental Tune ♥

Walking With The Ghost ♥
So Jealous ♥
Where Does The Good Go? ♥

Speak Slow ♥
Dark, Come Soon ♥

Soil, Soil
Monday, Monday, Monday
Red Belt
Night Watch

Northshore ♥ = One of my ultimate favorites on their new album!
The Con ♥
You Wouldn't Like Me ♥

Back Into Your Head
Feel It In My Bones
Call It Off ♥

Living Room ♥

The encore was acoustic and stripped down. It was nice. Overall, it's a night I will never forget. It was great. So, my sister's friend asked me to do a scarf for him after seeing Leah parade around with a scarf I recently did! I was so h
onored!! I crocheted it and added a little extra:


Lightening bolts! Two of them!! I heard through the grapevine that he was so amazed that I even finished it. I used single crochet and a 5.5mm hook. He gave me dark blue acrylic yarn. It felt like it took forever, but I would put it down and tend to other things. :) It was fast and easy! Things have been going to full speed ahead and next week will be Spring Break!! I am so excited to get a week of relaxation! :) My friend gave me this to read:

What are you trying to say? I've heard of this book before and surprisingly, it's by a dude so I will see what is up.

It rained really hard one day last week and look at the wonderf
ul rainbow!!

Yeah! I haven't seen a real rainbow in such a long time.

Look, look!



Stuff That Sucks.



Let's list things that have to suck:

1. My internet, because apparently even when you pay the bill it still does not work. I have no internet except on my phone, and phone blogging isn't cool.

2. School is way harsh right now, and I don't have time or enough sleep to blog about magical, wonderful things! I'm sorry. :(

3. The shots I got from the concert [Tegan & Sara!!] were actually good. Muh, muh, MUH!! D':

I love you and I will be back,


PS: Here's a tenderoni poem for you to pine over.

You go under, never to return.
I stay ashore, watching and gripping your book until I can't feel my fingertips.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Your thoughts are all I have left.
A mere 250 pages.
To me, your imagination can't be contained or counted.
You would think I'd cry,
or do something insane.
I am utterly still, watching the waves go in and out.
I can't your silhouette anymore.
How does the ocean taste?
I want to be your underlying current.
When can I pretend to stop caring? To put your book on my shelf to semi-forget?
I am a fool, and you were the anchor to my solitary sea.
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