I Should Have Been Shocked By The Last Thing You Said.

Wow, what a weekend.


I don't know what to say, except God is good. I really miss my car, but my brothers & sisters at church are so sweet and took me around. Well, at least back and forth to church. I highly appreciate them. I do, and I want to stay for the summer.

Fun in the sun!

God has His hands on me, and I know that if I am supposed to be in San Angelo, it will happen. My friend...she is just, I don't know. I love her so much! It's crazy because we've only been friends since February, but I just feel so comfy with her! Awww! Plus, she's hilarious. :)

The Ecletic Spirit.


#52: le sigh.


I Can't Seem To Make It On My Own.

Hey guys. Woah, hey. :)

So, spectacular day. Sunday. Yes. Not only was church so good and Christian-y, but my friend. His testimony is so radical. He was a Satanist for 9 years and now he's completely turned his life around and is a serving the one mighty God!!! Ack!!! It made me to excited and pumped about what God is so capable of! I know my car will be okay. We prayed about it in church and I know God is able! Can you tell I'm concerned about it? So am. Anyways, so happy for my friend. He is going to learn so much and I know that if he is faithful to God, God will be faithful to him. I totally am excited and everything! Like I was there! Hahaha! No ma'am! Moving on, Monday is looming. Not. Looking. Forward. God is with. Oh, and I got to talk to another girl who is struggling in church and hopefully I was able to lift her up. She so needs it. I know that it can get hard sometimes; the path get rocky but hold on. Hold on, hold on. It's so worth it. Right now, I'm feeling so good but when the going gets tough, I know to lean on Him. It helps so much.

It solves pretty much anything.

♥ + faith,

#51: You taste like you're already gone.

Rolling In The Heap.

"Whatever makes you happy." - Creep by Radiohead.

Hey guys! So, eventful weekend. Thursday, Annie broke down and she's still not in repair. By Monday, I should know what is wrong with her. Miss her already.

I went to walk here tonight. I just felt like walking around the campus. It's calm at night and I'm not scared anymore. :)

Now, since I'm
so materialistic, a wish list!

Can you tell I want some brogues? :D

This is a very very beautiful dress. It's sold out [of course.], but I still really think it's gorgeous. I don't even know where I would wear that.

I love this dress for some reason. I waiting for it to go on sale so I can snatch it up. My size better be there! It looks like it would be soft and simple to pair up with accessories. YES!

I vant your skuuulls. Kind of young for me, but I ain't even mad. I like it anyway.

Heck yes, there it is. And here is a great Jimmy Eat World song:


#50: I want to fall in love tonight.


There's No Surf In Colorado, Anyway.

I got some of my stuff today! Yay! :)

1. Fences EP. 2 entries back, I had said that I really got into his [Chris Manfield's] music. A lot. It's really pretty. So, I finally got his CD. Straight onto iTunes! I can't wait to listen to that. I feel like I need some studio headphones to really listen to all the different instruments on it. Not like it's ridiculously layered, but you know. I'm excited.

2. I bought an adapter for my sd card!! Too long! It was a penny on Amazon!

3. The newest volume of Black Bird! I've been wanting to continue!! The seller was very patient with me. My first copy got lost in the mail and he sent me another one. So niceeee. ♥ I am grateful he did. Lovin' this book right now.

Today was a good day to quote Ice Cube. I slept some. In about 5 hours, I am going to eat breakfast with a lady from my church here. :)

Here's a Fences vid.



#49: It's going, it's going, I'm gone.



Best. Night. Ever. Details soonish. ♥


So, this entry was never posted. Fail. .___.

I went down last weekend, and I have to say...I enjoyed every bit of it! As you can tell by the older post, I have a lot to explain. Last month, my friend told me that Michael Cera was going to be at the Annual KTHRU Festival at Rice University.

Michael Cera.




I could not pass that up, no way no how. I just...no. He is my ultimate crush, favorite actor, and everything that I think is cute. I had my friend come with me because she was almost as pumped about it as I was. Was not going to leave her out of this! EEEE! Just thinking about it makes me giddy. :333 It was on Saturday, so after driving 3.5 hours I drove some more. The things girls do for love, right? No, no. We go up to Houston, meet up with everyone at this coffee place called Brasil. Very nice. It was just good to see everyone and stuff; I missed them. Really, and it felt to good to see their faces and laugh uncontrollably again. Did I mention that the festival was free?! Yeah, Michael for free; doesn't get better than that. We drive over to Rice and park. I've never been to the university before; it's really big and pretty. Kind of hidden away from everything. Also, each house/dorm has its own mascot. Hogwarts. That's what it is. I would love to go there, but that school has a reputation for accepting mostly out of staters and international students. I like ASU, too. I am happy here. So, this is a legit festival. A stage outside on the lawn and one inside of the building. I've never been to one, so I was pretty stoked! :D I brought a towel, water, and sunnies. Ready for anything. 2 of the bands I actually liked. One of them, The Ton Tons were really good. They are from Houston, and they sound like soulful rock. Check them outskis. :) I bought their EP.

Rad. You know that where there is a festival; there are hippies. Hula-hooping hippies. Maaaan, and other questionable substances. But, I ain't even mad; was not there for that.

After I saw The Ton Tons play, my friend saw Michael go up the stairs! We were all freaking out and waited for him to come down. Never. Did. It was crazy seeing him in real life. That's anyone who I admire. I mean, he is so awesome and to see him, and be in the same room as him. AHHHH! :D After that brief glimpse, we didn't see him until he walked across the room to go outside and see some bands. I spotted him outside and I froze. My friend was so brave; she walked straight up to him and asked for an autograph. I followed her, I was thinking, "I'm not going to sit by and let this opportunity pass. I have to talk to him!" So, we both approached him and he is so nice in real life. :) I said hello, and he said hello. I told him his coat was regal and he said he had just got back from Toronto. [Where he's from.] I can not tell you how happy I was meeting him. One of my dreams is to meet him. Oh man, so a crowd was gathering so he went back upstairs. :( My group enjoyed the rest of the fest. The reason Michael was at the fest was because he was playing bass for Mister Heavenly. So, I watched their performance later that day, and they are really good. Garage rock at its finest. I totally like it, and Michael playing bass was just an extra incentive. ;) Tell you what, he is a way better bassist than me. I need practice. T___T He revealed that to me. After they finished their set, people started rushing the stage to get a picture with Michael. Including moi. He hid underneath because he could not make a getaway. My friend got to go underneath and hugged him. HUGGED HIM.


He remember her from earlier; he didn't give an autograph or picture; but still. I want a hug. D: This girl got him to sign her poster because she cried. Lame. I wouldn't go that far to do that. That's over the top. So, we immediately left after that, got lost in Rice for almost an hour. We basically made a big circle and came back to the concert. Hahaha, fail. We finally made it to my Anna Banana, and were so relieved. I have concert blisters on my feet. Ugh. So worth it, would never trade this for the world. I am still in shock that I even met him.

Now for the pics and clips of the shows!

The lead singer of Mister Heavenly. Cute & talented.

The keyboardist for Mister Heavenly.


The drummer from Mister Heavenly.

The lead singer of The Tons Tons. She was nice. :)

Concentrating? Hmm.

Hyyybrid Moments. Their closer. I couldn't have chosen a better one! ♥

This song was cute. They dedicated it to Buddy Holly. ♥

I had the best time, and it's all thanks to my friend telling me. If she had not, I would have never came down and experienced the joy of my life. I won't get over this for a looooong time. Wow. :)

This is what I want as a constant staple in my wardrobe:


and this

all day. All summer.


#48: You see right through me.


I Wear Plugs And Pimp Out Pugs.

Hey there! :)

So, I've been really into this guy:

It's really getting old, kid.

He has a very good sound to him and his lyrics are very dark. I like it, I like it. It's been a nice weekend, and Monday was rough. Well, not really. Just phys class tonight. -sigh- Y'know, college. Browsing through some fashion plus-size blogs like a boss tonight. Lovin' it. I was talking with my friend about face care, and I'm going to post what I use on my skin. I get compliments on my face, but I don't know what they're seeing! Got a whitehead. Disgusting, but I'm taking care of that.


Moisterizer, because I have dry skin. In the winter, it gets bad, but this stuff is cheap (3 dollars at Wal-Mart), and works really good!


This mask really gets dirt out of your pores. I can't say I use it everyday but occasionally.


Dove or whatever body wash I'm using at the moment. Dove is gentle on your body in general, so if you break out from b-washes a lot, I recommend getting this kind. Plus it smells really nice! :)


Water. H2O. Just using water on your face helps. You should use more than that, but water does feel good. :3

I've been feeling like this lately:

Life is so encompassing and ridiculous. I can not keep up or find a steady pace. I hate it. :( But you know what? God is bigger than this tree metaphor and bigger than my life. He holds it all, and I am so happy that He does. It just feels like too much for me, but I have to keep pressing on. Towards my goal. Towards life. Look at the guy in the picture derping. Ha-haaa!

Last week, I finally got my iPod back from the company who was supposed to fix it. 2 months they had it. Mad. And about 2 days after I got it back, it was broken again. M-A-D!!! How dare they charge me 45 dollars and keep my iPod forever and not fix it! Complained and called. No. Body. Answered. -big sigh- Tonight, I tried fixing it and ending up making the screen bleed. Now I have two black spots on it, a broken headphone jack, and out of 45 dollars. ARRRRRRGHHHH! People these days! No respect.

^ That. Anyway, searching for an affordable iPod. Used, baby!
blink is coming out with a new album as well. Just...!!! YES! YESSSS!
In line for that; it's been too long. 7 years in fact. I was in 9th grade when they came out with an album that wasn't a greatest hits. :D :D :D

bye, dear.


#47: After all, it's just me, the king, and the beast.


Watch You...On The 1's & 2's.

In a well-lit room.


So, I joined Looklet.

[Velma with her Scooby snacks, ready for a mystery, y'all!]

I'm not sure if I'll like it or not. Time will tell! That was fun making outfits, but I dunno. This week kicked my butt. I am so tired.


#46: I lie well.
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