Fall Sweetly, Hang Heavy; You Suddenly Complete Me.

C: Bonjour, friends!

So, I counted all the votes on what I should add to my blog, and music won! Of course! So, I'll be making some changes. I'm excited because we're moving! West Columbia; so pumped because I'll be closer to my friends and everyone else. Angleton is far away from everything, but is 15 minutes away from Lake Jackson where the mall, ect resides. So, there's a lot of pros and cons, but I'm excited to live in a better environment! In general! Our neighborhood is the worst. Mm, mm. Ahum, school and work. Everyday. :P Yuck! Right? I feel bad because I haven't been sewing or crocheting all that much. I just don't have time to sit and do that right now, and now that we're moving I have to start taking down stuff and boxing it up. You know? So...it makes me sad because I love it but.....I'll get over it! Making a package for my private swap with Jess from Brazil! Top notch! :D I can't wait to see what she is sending me. She is a pretty cool chick. I have this book waiting on me to read:

I saw it on someone's tumblr and it looks good. It's about the struggles of a WW2 veteran and how he immerses himself into society and culture once more. I'm positive that I'll like it. Any internal conflicts or society based books, I'm all over it. Fiction, that is. Oh man. White Oldeander by Janet Fitch. I read a fourth of that book. Not worth it. If it was a novel I have to read in class, I'd do it, but since it's on my own time. No thanks. It's about this lady and her daughter. The woman is a poet, but she works as a columnist at a newspaper. Her kid is 13 and looks up to her mom, she thinks she is the greatest. In reality, her mom neglects her basically and is a feminist. So the mom meets a guy who treats her so good and she falls in love even though she taugh her daughter to hate men. The guy end up leaving her for another woman and she just goes insane and murders him. Literally. The girl goes to a foster home of Starr a born again prostitute her daughter and two sons. Then she gets kicked out for sleeping with Starr's boyfriend, and she is bounced from home to home. Each one having a different story. I wasn't liking her frame of thought, and how careless she was towards the world. =/ I sat it down, but whatever. Looking forward to The Outcast! Bring it! byee!



I want the broken heart shirt. Curse you Tegan & Sara for touring Europe!

Like A Hearse, I'm Waiting On That Special Someone. ♥


Hey guys,

For the past weeks, I haven't been doing much of anything. One thing is that I've been hanging out with that beauty. :) I missed & skipped Biology today because I didn't wake up. My alarm was never set, but I promise you I switched the alarm to on. One of my neighbor's dogs hung himself. The owner came outside, looked at it and went back inside. My mom whispers to us that they buried it where the house was and put a new dog there. Today she thought differently; it was buried somewhere else. That would be horrible to die where you lived. If humans were like that, nothing would smell good. The flowers would smell like death...bah. I feel really thoughtful. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging a lot. I just keep forgetting and the days go by so fast. Today at work, everyone slowly just left before 5. It was stupid. At 4:55, my boss waved at me signaling she was leaving and I had to go too. We were the only ones left. =/ I hung out with friends and special friends last night. I had a good time. I felt anxious and quiet annd I was laughing uncontrollably because of the thought of a special friend, but we'll see what happens. It was still fun to see him. I want to know more. I saw that someone voted! Thank you, friend! ♥ Yep, I just gave you a shout-out. I have school in 6 hours...but it's ok. I think I will sleep when I get home after. That sounds good. Really good. I was lurking tumblr's and they have such pretty pictures. They are pleasing to the eyes and senses. It's weird, but sometimes when I see a picture I can imagine the atmosphere and how it felt to snap that. Pretty. Prettyness. What are your favorite things to wear? Here are mine:


Skirts that are pretty!

headbands! Don't judge me! I hate Gossipgirl!

This looks creepy, but I love Japanese lolita. Why? It's so dang cute.

Cocktail hats. :)

Scarves. ♥

Dude. Bracelets. I love them, and I can't get enough!

fishnets, I have them and love them.

Just a couple things off the top of my head. I have been listening to A Fine Frenzy's "One Cell In The Sea" [Featuring a sweet, sweet elf.] through the blogging process.



So, A Priest, Rabbi, and Supermodel Walk Into A Bar...

So many blogs, so little time.

Work blog/grog blog. 3 hours of sleep. 2 1/2 if you don't count drifting into it. So, I've been lurking on blogs the past 4 days and I must say I am intimidated! Besides my title, my little niche pales in comparison! You guys are really working hard out there! Very creative and weird. :) I know I'm late but you know what type of pictures I like to see? These:

Not exactly the subject, but the way the picture was taken and edited. Very dream-like and cute. Lookville...geez. Haha, it has made me more into seeing people's stories, their outlooks on life and how each day comes. It's fascinating. Anyways, so school is going really well, and my teacher is very wise. I can see her being a spitfire when she was young! She has a lot to say. One exception is, on the first day, she told us when she worked in a real lab, she tasted different types of urine. This would be a dealbreaker, but she was so blase about it that we just looked on with shock. GROSS!! Urine!?!! Really? I was surprised, to say the least. I've also been having some weird dreams this past week. I might start a dream log on here or at least write it down in detail so I won't forget. I have a horrible short-term memory. I'm sure it's because I don't exercise it enough, but I can't remember a lot of events in a short time period like a month or so. We will see. I still want to do a music section and write about things I like in music. Maybe a fashion do & don't section? What do you think?? I'll set up a poll on what my next addition will be. I just want to thank all the people who commented on my last entry; you're so sweet! Seriously the nicest people...I love you guys. ♥ Please DO NOT FORGET to vote on what my new addition should be!! I want your opinion!



All I C Iz Yuu!

Hello? Are you there?

Just kidding! What's up? What's new? I start school on Monday and I have mixed emotions about it. I want to get Biology out of the way, but then I want to sleep and watch stuff. No, but it will be nice to see all of my college friends again! Yay! :D So, I got Anna aka, my lovely car back yesterday and I am so happy about driving myself. My gosh, it was getting to the breaking point with mom. =/ Sad but true. I miss my freedom. Lookville is so awesome. Last night, I made the impossible, possible. Lookatthisifyoucare&dare. Oh yeah, that is happening. I've wanted to do this for a bit, and we are just the ladies to start it up! :) I have a great feeling about this. On another note, I am falling for this guy. J I M G A F F I G A N. He is so funny, and it makes my boring job just that much easier. Go check him out, guys. :D

signing off with ♥,

PS: Please subscribe to our little channel, and be our friends. We already like you. :)
PPS: Ohmigosh, my sister is graduating!! I am so proud of her!! :D



Sooo, heys!

I haven't blogged in a bit; and my fingers are rusty! Just kidding, but how are you? How ya been? :) It's been a whirlwind for me. The past...7 days has been crazy. Wow! A week. So, it turns out I didn't go to the concert. Cute Is What We Aim For. :( Triple sad face. Uhm, just car trouble, and I felt so bad! The "rental place" gave me the run around. Very unprofessional. It made me upset, because it wasn't just me going. >___> Anyways, with that let down, the next day which I had off I went in to work! So awesome, I mean, who wouldn't want to face cranky co-workers who don't respect after letting down more than one person?! Me! On the bright side, my mom has been so gracious getting me to & from work and stuff. ♥ Hearts to her. I totally forgot what it is like having one car. It's so bizarre and...lame. Hahaha, and well the rest of the week was a blur kind of. Memorial weekend was what I was looking for. Monday off! For the flippin' win. Sunday, I tried this:

Roe. Did it. Ate roe sushi, another type of roe, and squid. I also had some lovely udon combo. It was an adventure to say the least. I've always wanted to try it and I'm a food explorer. I'll try any food except Rocky Mountain Oysters, and genitalia. That's just where I draw the line. :) But this was not the latter, and I liked it! When I was little, my mom told me about roe, and I always thought of little tadpoles swimming around, but it's not even that! If it was, I wouldn't eat it. No way. I enjoyed it. :) So, today I got an email from a lady who is associated with Lookville, and they want me to join them on their social fashion network!! They thought the look & content of my blog was top notch! I was so flattered, and I want everyone to know about them! They are a new site, and if you're into fashion you can give other people tips on their outfits and rate other people. See profiles, become friends, and just basically live in fashion heaven. :D I like it, and I'm sure you will too. That was just such an awesome surprise for me. One of the highest points in two weeks for me. Yeah, I said it. Woah, I'm tired.


PS: I made a headband; it is so cute. :3 Pictures soon! It's kinda big, though! Oh well! :)
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