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So, tomorrow I was going to go to Abilene to go thrifting! Well, my mom got sick at work today and so...she is resting.

She is going to be a trooper and go work tomorrow. She asked me if she gets sick to pick her up from work. Which means...

No Abilene. =/ This isn't a grumpy post! I guess it wasn't in the stars!

Psh, anyways. My screen bled right where I'm typing so I don't know if I have a spelling mistake! Whoops! So, tonight, I will be doing my third mixtape! I hope you guys are liking them? Are you? Let me know in the comments! :) Maybe I can change it or do something rad. So, tomorrow with the Ab trip canned, I'll probably just roam around SA and study it up for my test tomorrow. I guess me not going is for the best because I'm all over here acting like I don't have a math test tomorrow! Bam! Currently, I've been deleting songs from my iTunes. I just was thinking...if I skip the song everytime it comes on my iPod...why have it? So, I've been just deleting a lot of music. Almost whole albums. Feels good. I think also my taste is maturing. I never thought I would grow up musically! It happens to the best of us, I guess. 

Seriously, if I could get a job in making mixtapes for the world, I would do just that. Also, I was thinking...is there a job called music researcher? For instance, if there a pop culture show and they needed the information on the subject. Who does that? I think I'll Google it. =/ That would be an awesome job! I love reading up on music/pop culture history! 

Hmmm. I made two polka-dot bows right before church and I secured my Peter Pan collar! I love itttt!! :D Giddy with excite over here! Playlist time!


This will be changing everything.



Can You Get Me On Your Mind?

Hey guys! :) 

It's been 13 days since I posted and I am in dire need of writing to you tonight. Really form my thoughts in a creative way and give them to you. So! The last few weeks have been going by so fast. I mean, the speed of light, I feel. I just want everything to s l o w  d o w n. I still haven't found a major that I would like to study...but! On Friday, I did take two personality/career tests at school. I think this will help me and I want to share my results. First of all, with my personality, I have the code ENFP mainly which is a person who is warm, enthusiastic and imaginative. They make connections between events and info very quickly; readily gives appreciation to people and  is spontaneous and flexible. So, what is weird is I tested that but the first two letters were close to the middle. So, if I tested on Thursday, it could've been a whole different code (i.e. ISFP, INFP, and ESFP). I read those descriptions and seriously guys...all four of those sound like me. I went with ENFP. So, for job categories that would suit my personality this is how it ranks [only doing a top ten because of how much data there is]:

Personal Care and Service 
Art, Design, Media, etc. 
Community and Social Services
Food Prep [?]
Education, Library Sciences, and Training
Sales and Advertising
Health Care Practitioner and Technical Occupations
Health Care Support
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry
Office Administrative Support

Some of these made sense but farming and sales did not. At all! I would never be a farmer! Listening to country music on my John Deer tractor. No. Not ever. Also, education. I don't like kids and I'm way awkward with them. Seriously bad with them, and I would hate being a teacher. I know this is just options for what I could do, but still. No. Sales! I got let go from a sales job! Noooooo, no. Anyway, I wasn't surprised to see two categories of health care on my top ten. I knew I wasn't  just randomly picking a major when I did nursing. You guys...you don't even know how much I sat down and thought if nursing was for me. If I could jump from basic classes to the clinic setting I'd do it in a heartbeat. Skip all the messy, lame science/math classes associated with nursing and the program itself and just graduate. Of course that would be impossible. =/ 

I digress...

So, wasn't surprised to see media, and art. Now, for number one to be personal care was weird. Like, I'm most like a child care provider??

So, this is my list of jobs that would I most likely enjoy:

craft artist
actor/perfoming artist/dancer
mental health counselor
fitness trainer
artist/visual artist

This wasn't as bad. I could see myself doing some of these jobs. Forester...no. Musician? Yes, def! So, this does give me a lot to think about. I feel good that it's going to steer in the right direction. I know God is with me and with Him all things are possible! :D 
With the other test, it was purely personality and what I would good at compared to other women in the US. Okay, my theme for this one was CAR.

Conventional = likes order and systems of organization
Artistic = self expression and all that jazz
Realistic = more into data and computers
With my theme of CAR in mind, compared to all the women, here is my top five interest categories:

office management
healthcare services
religion and spirituality
writing and mass communication

I was shocked that management was even on there. I never pictured myself telling people what to do. I don't like being told what to do in work setting, so to see it twice on my list is crazy. Seriously. 

It breaks it down further in each of those categories, but it's pretty much the same. 
Here is my top ten jobs according to THIS test:

food service manager
retail sales rep
nursing home admin
housekeeping/maintenance manager
licensed practical nurse
production worker
admin assistant 

So, farmer is on there AGAIN!

What. In. The. World!! Not even into agriculture. Weirdos. Let's see, so legal work. Lawyer came up on my lists. Another job I've never considered. My counselor said that it would be like this. Some jobs are so left field and you would never consider it. Since it is a test, it's not definite. I know when I took it I chose answers based on intuition. I didn't give myself time to think about it. I'm glad that I took those tests. It really gave me a new perspective. Most of the art stuff I knew I would score high on. I am really into creating and making new things. Also, music. I love it. Obvious. I just worry that my love for all of these things won't support me. I want to be happy financially, too. I know the Lord is looking over my shoulder as I write this. I know He is here in SA. With me. I just need to do a leap of faith. :)

So, besides all of that I know this summer I will be doing volunteer work. So far, I know I want to work at a radio station and see if I like it. I don't know what else I would do...what I want to do is look at my results and form a list of majors I could do. I also have to keep in mind what my school has. Like, I want to be a costume designer...ASU doesn't even have a fashion department. =///

I def don't want to transfer so I will be working with what I have here in good ole SA!

I feel so serious! This was such a sciencey, lifey entry. Oooh! Ease on up. 

I bought a glue gun and I have been making my own hair bows! Since my sewing machine is broken, I figured out how to make cute stuff with glue! On Saturday I made bows and I finally made my oxfords into floral oxfords! Yay! Pictures soon! Also, good news about my hair! It's always been sooo short and if I try to put it up, it takes like one bobbypin. So! I wanted to put a bow in the back of my head with my hair up! Couldn't do it with one clip! So happy! It's growing! Right now, it's at the nape of my neck. :) Tee hehe!
God is so good. We've been having awesome services too and I am promising myself to buckle down and really give it my all. I don't want to play church anymore. Or start. Ever.
I hope you are enjoying the week. It's already the middle of it! Too fast, 2012!

♥ in waves,

PS: You can totally Google those personality types if you have no clue what I'm talking about.


At The Sound of The Chalk You Dropped On The Floor.

I am in the process of making a Peter Pan collar. I want to get it done tonight, but you never know how lazy I might get. I slept most of the afternoon, so I feel good! Also, I watched Never Been Kissed this afternoon and I teared up a bit! I so knew where Drew Barrymore's character was coming from! I think everyone can relate to that. It sucks being the ugly duckling! I never wanted to be popular, but in school I was always overlooked!

We share the same past, Drew! Also, this guy. He is so handsome! When I first saw the movie, I thought so, and I still do. :) Just his face is so good looking. I'm still on my rampage through Futurama. Hehehe, and I can't finish Pasta. I don't know what it is about me, maybe because I don't want it to end, or whatever, but I haven't watched the last half of episode 20. 


Oh well, it's always going to be online, and I know I'll watch it one of these days. I am also going to paint my nails/give myself a mini-manicure! My nails look rough! The water here is so mineralized [not even a word!], it tears UP my cuticles. =/ Hard water. No fun. When I first came here I broke out in a rash because I wasn't used to it.

Rashy shoulders! Mm. :) Moving on, my hair is growing! It was ear length, now the back part is past the nape of my neck! Eeee, thank you, Jesus! 

Totes praying about it. YEAH, EISLEY!

Really fun! I rode the bus with my sister and it wasn't bad at all. I could do the Metro. She hasn't been to a lot of concerts so she wasn't used to standing for long periods of time. The first act was Christie DuPree, and her brother, Colin. They were really good. I think they've gotten better. They even had a back up band. Next was a band called Marksmen, but they changed their name during tour into something I couldn't even get what he said. He told us twice. Anyway, so the lead singer was bridging the gap between us, and on the last song he jumps in the audience and while everyone was back up and splitting, Leah froze up! In the middle of his path, and so he's like, "Having a good time?" 

No where to go! So so funny! Their band wasn't that good. Like a newb Manchester. Not my style. The drummer on the other hand was very cute. :) He had high cheekbones, so we nicknamed him that. Cheekbones. ♥! Hahaha, it was a blast. Still surprised my sister came! After "Marksmen"...


The girls were all beautiful like always! Here's the setlist!

Lights Out
The Valley
Better Love
Marvelous Things
New Song**
Many Funerals
Watch it Die
Oxygen Mask
I Could Be There For You ♥
Mr. Moon
I Wasn't Prepared
Golly Sandra
Deep Space
192 days
I Wish

Such a good show. :) I just enjoy concerts. Here's a pic of my list of stuff I'm interested in:

I was thinking about being a costume designer. Not for plays, but to dress actors/actresses for movies and music videos and things like that. I know that you have to start at the bottom, but I would do that.

Dude, totes would. 

Thank you guys for all of your lovely comments. I appreciate them so much! And Magi...you're one awesome girly.

Off to DIY!


Tricks & Trades.

Hello, hello! 

So, I randomly made this wish list. I have no clothes! That was a joke because my clothes are overflowing my three tiered plastic Yaffa like drawers. Come to think of it, I've had those for a while. Now, on the bright side, I have been giving away stuff. :) I feel good giving to people who have not. 

It's kind of awk to come up from a serious post. I know the last time I wrote was kind of serious and life changing.


That hasn't changed. I still need to figure what to do. I will. With God's help. For now, here's my wish list. 

I finally downloaded two No Doubt albums. No good so far. I guess my singles collections picked out the gems from their discog and put them on that CD. X3

I'll ttyl!

Tricks & Trades.

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