Together! Forever!

Hey hey heyyyyyy!

So, this week is flying by and today we had to recite our poems, and when I finally mustered up the courage to volunteer, the class was over. =// Thursday fer sure! 

In my other class, I had accidentally missed the midterm! The one day I wasn't in class, we have a test! WTC!?! So, my teacher had mercy on me and let me take it today. I am going to be docked 20 points, but hey! A low grade is better than a zero, amirite?! 

So right.

This was a draft but I'm remedying that now. I did my poem and I actually feel okay with my performance! 

The assistant just said that I should laugh at my own jokes which I am horrible at.

I'm trying to work on not being such a goofball. This weekend was ridiculous, because I did absolutely nothing but clean up a bit. I went through my old mix CDs and laughed. Oh wow. 

Anyway, I was one weird kid. My hot poetry teacher liked my new poem and the metaphors. Also, I made a higher grade on this project that I did in Visual Comm. I seriously thought I was going to fail. My teacher is super nice but she doesn't talk about what she wants us to do. At all. She also throws in random instructions in the middle of a project. We will see how this last thing will go.




My 200th Post! I Made It, Baby!

When  the dark flood came, we wrapped ourselves in a dirty blanket, deciding different opinion on whether we should move.

So, it's my 200th post!!

Still stressed. That hasn't changed. I think that even though my classes are easier, that is made up in projects and assignments. 

So many to do in a short amount of time.

Can I tell you a story? My dear audience?

Every M/W/F morning I go through the student center to get to my intro to r/tv/f class. Earlier this year I saw this...guy who takes classes in the music hall. He looks like a hipster I guess. Clubmaster frames with rolled up jeans and brown loafers. Hair is cut short into a 50's style and he is handsome. Seriously. Not hot; handsome. I saw him in the summer and I thought he was the bee's knees. And then I didn't see him. Well, this fall he goes the same way as me every M/W/F. He holds the door open for me, I say thank you, and we walk into the music hall almost at the same time. And then we go our separate ways. 
That's it.
Mid week, I was running late. Ugh, just so...late. So, I walk into the student center.

He was standing in the middle of the walk-way in mid step. Looking back.

He looked like he was waiting for something.

I had a feeling it was me. He was waiting for me. For our casual encounter. I remember once he was walking by me and I didn't even notice until I heard footsteps that weren't mine. 

Do you believe in fate?

I do. I am starting to really believe. I know God gives us chances and people to meet.
I could def be friends with him. I saw him walking with a girl real close, so I'm guessing that's his gf. Which is awesome! :) We will see. I haven't said anything to him at all.

Speaking of, a lot of my classmates have the same schedule as me. A guy in my poetry class has the same class and this morning he was like, "HAY BOO!!"

So random, and funny! It turns out that he is a comedian and stuff.

Tell me am I right to think that there is nothing better. Than you being my wife and growing old together.

I think my way of talking with guys on all levels is improving as I get older. When I was younger, I was terrible at it. I had 2 or 3 close guy friends and then everyone else were girls. I grew up with girls, so it's easy to talk to them. But I mean, I want guy friends, too. There are really cool guys out there! Real talk. Not a riot grrrl or femi-nazi, but I knew I needed to reach out. 

Somehow. Someway.

I still think my poetry teacher is hot. I think he always will be. I mean, I got over the thought of him smoking cigs real quick! Cancer is imminent. for him. He did say he was trying to quit, but I mean how many smokers say that?

Everyone of them excluding Joan Rivers!

=/ Oh well. He is nice to look at and I'm glad he is my teacher for the second time. 

I am seeing progress on my body with this weight loss thing. My Tegan&Sara shirt used to not fit on my arms. The underarm seam would stop on my arm fat. No jk.

No, I wore it yesterday, and the seam is stopping where it should be. 


I am going to keep forward. I want to see significant loss. I really want to be healthier. A couple of months ago I took my blood sugar and it was 300.

3-0-0. I was shocked. This was taken after I ate stuff but still. It shouldn't be that high. I then knew it was time to do something.
I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself, it's just that it was a big reality check for me. I can't just treat my body like a human dumpster. It needs nutrients. It needs healthy things. Our parents were right. I want to try and eat/do better. For me. For Rachel. This time there isn't a boy that I am in love with or crushing hard on. I'm tired of pleasing everyone else. That doesn't matter in everyday life. It just doesn't for me. The only being I want to please is God. He. Matters. This is going to me. So, cheers. Also, I feel like my self-esteem is higher. Higher than ever. I know it's because I am older. Wiser. Stronger. I see things a bit different. I see beyond the interactions of people.

It's weird, but when I pray for people at my church or whatevs, my heart gets heavy.

So heavy with their burdens that life gives them. I wish that all of the people I prayed with knew to just surrender to the Lord. Or at least asked Him to help carry the load. It's very simple, but I know for some it's a hard thing to say. 
God helps you with that! Yes! Ex-introvert over here!

"Better out than in, I always say." - Shrek

So, this week has been stressful all the way around. There is this dude in the youth group at church. He has a big family; 5 sisters. Only son. He told me last Sunday that he had an argument with his dad and he kicked him out. Wednesday, he was still not allowed at his house. So that all happened, and I got my pastor involved and he ended up going home with his mom. What I don't understand is that he only let me know. The pastor knew about the family problem, but not the kid. He was 16. A kid. Sleeping in his truck and going to school. God can just use you in interesting ways. Like, no one knew. His teachers, friends, and who ever else.

Crazy. I'm glad he is home. :)

Oh WOW! WOOOOOOOOW! It's my 200th post!! I can't believe I've stuck in there this long! Two years! Two HUNDRED POSTS!! :D

Geeeeeeez, Louise! I'm pretty proud of this blog!!

Thank you for commenting. Thank you for reading. I appreciate all of it! It's a great feeling to know that there are people who enjoy knowing about your life.

A very nice feeling. :) Today is Saturday and I'm going to catch up on my homework and polish off my poem for next week.

We have to recite it starting Tuesday. Eeeeek. I'm not as nervy about this round like the first one. I think it's because I am doing original work and it's easy to remember. And it's my classmates. Just them.

Okay, s'laters!

♥ always,



All majors come with stresses. I need to remember that.

While I was getting into the elevator, this freshmen boy [who, by the way he was acting, probs had a mental disorder] thought I was a mom checking out the campus.

Cardigans aren't just for old people, little one.

Also, he talked way too loud for two people in a small box. Just...too loud. Louder than me, and that's hard to do. ;)

I feel so worn out and it's only Tuesday. 

I am getting into Bad Religion. A lot. They have tight harmonies and even tighter lyrics. I had a handful of songs from them, but now I want to buy their CDs. And records. And mp3's. Whatever.

I still believe in concrete media! Down with the system!

No, jk.

Cheers to your week going awesome.


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