First day of school and I'm already stressed. Why can't me & my mom not struggle for once? Ugh, at least I have writing class tonight. I am so looking forward to that. How was your first day back? :)

[I know, I'm going back late, but oh well!]



Guess who climbed aboard the gay train? Kele.
One music crush down. D:

So a guy says to me, "Sweetie..."

Hey guys!
Rough week. Yesterday, I had to rush to get my tuition paid because Financial Aid was not doing that. If not, I wouldn't be going to school in the fall, and then everything would fall apart. I wasn't letting that happen. Iwouldsooncrawlintoaholeanddiethantobeherewaitingforanothersemestertocome. Ridiculous,no? D:

God totally intervened, because there was no way I could just pull 1400 dollars out of nowhere. Dad, thank you. I don't give you enough credit. :) Anyways, I'm good for now. Wow! It was 11 o'clock when I got there and you couldn't register after 11:30? Yeeeah. So, last semester and I'm really happy. This will be my last time going to that place. I'm ready. I read the rest of Scott Pilgrim...so good. O_O Go read it, and then watch the movie. I'm going to have my old Algebra teacher for my math teacher. No good!



PS: How is school for everyone?




10 Secrets That You Did Not Know About Me

How do I follow up my last post? I'm not going to. I will be moving on. I've said what I needed to say, and now I want to make the right steps in my life. I won't be complaining or whining. Just a smooth change. This week has been really lazy. Calm before the fall, I guess? :) Today I just laid in my room. Did as little as I could. I straightened up a bit which is a miracle for me! I'm really broke right now. Q___Q I can say now that I'm a broke college student. So much to do. Before I do anything: 10 secrets. You have to keep hush-hush, though. Promise?

1. I blocked out a lot of memories from my childhood.

2. I sometimes wallow in the pity of others.

3. I hate when people are dishonest.

4. I hate when I'm dishonest.

5. I love love. Romance. The mushy stuff.

6. I can be the shyest person you ever met or the loudest. It depends on the day and how I will connect with you.

7. I've never felt pretty before my junior year of high school.

8. My mom has never accepted me for who I am; that's okay, because I have accepted her.

9. I don't want kids, because I fear that I will become like my parents.

10. I'm eating ice-cream right now.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."



A few qualms...

I just asked a simple loaded question to my mom. I don't blame her at all, but this shook me. Ever since I can remember, I had certain standards in my faith. To 99.9% of people who know I'm Pentecostal they cringe, or feel sorry for me. I don't care so much anymore. I asked my mom why we don't wear colored nail polish. She basically dodged the question, and said what I already knew. We wear only clear nail polish and that's it. One thing that really struck me hard was she said bright or bold colors aren't permitted. No boldness. To me, that says to women to be plain. To fade into the background. By the way, the nail polish thing is not supported by the Bible. If it was, I wouldn't even consider getting into that. But I asked why. Why do Pentecostal women have to lay down and go with the waves of man-made rules? I think this is ludicrous. It's like a washing of a part of your personality or a way to smooth your grooves out. :( Sad-ness. Anyways, she couldn't answer me and it left me baffled. I didn't have any more questions, but to think that my Sunday School teacher taught me that along with no make-up, and no jewelry. No reason; when I was young I didn't need a reason, but now I want to know how these rules came to be. Some crappy old person made these rules up. Maybe to please God, but to me this isn't pleasing Him. If you do wear red nail polish I know that my church wold scorn you! It's like flippin' Hestor Prinn! I've seen it with my own eyes. In no way am I renouncing my faith. Or Jesus. I just don't want to blindly believe something that has no reason. If the stuff I believe in has no reason or purpose behind it how am I going to tell someone else about my faith? Or be a witness if I don't even know what I believe in?! I can't. The last thing my mom did was point fingers. She accused our church members of wearing different types of clear to tinted polish. Shocked me to my core. What am I believing in? I hurt...deep inside.


PS: I want to start a feminist zine.


Happy 60th birthday, Mom! ♥


Envy Is Not Just A Four Letter Word.

Here is where I post what I am excited about for the fall! Not only is that my favorite season, but ~fingers crossed~ it would be colder here by the Gulf! We have such random weather.

Have you heard of Punk Rock Holocaust?!! This is beyond good. Come back to Warped Tour, punk bands and overall good bands. T____T Kick that horrible Millionares monstrosity out of THERE!



My Weekend & Updates!






1= Sarah & I found two cherries stuck together like the cliche image! We loved it. This is her going to town on hers. :) They're so tasty!

2= I bought a spinach pizza from Target. It was on sale. :D Yay, healthy food! Target is like...my dream store. @___@ They have...Harajuku notebooks, diaries, pencil cases, and a bunch of cute cute stuff. Even a filing cabby. If I had a legit office, I would SO buy it. I had to pressure myself into not buying the diary. It was SO CUTE, but I have so many journals at home that have yet to be written in. >___> Le sigh!

3= I got the new Nick Zinner[click 1, 2, 3.] photography book in the mail! Pre-order! It came with a vinyl of short stories, the book was signed, a picture from his personal collection that was signed, the book was numbered out of 250 pressings, and the record itself was grey!! I have never seen something like that. I was disappointed in how small the book was, because compared to his first book which is really juicy and big this one missed the mark. I think it's because of those short stories everyone could do without. =/ Whatevs, I got his autograph! Eeeee! ♥

4= This is a mini sunflower I picked playing 'He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not' game. I was at a friend's end-of-the-summer party being semi-bored. Not really. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

5= On the road home from Austin. Mom, Leah, & I went to UT to drop her off for school. Leah that is. Austin is so magical to me. What we did there wasn't. Hot, sticky, sweaty, and cold all at the same time. Moving up to the 9th floor with her stuff. Not fun, but the bubble tea was afterwards!! Yaay! I got two for the road. ;)
I drove home. Well, the last part in Rosenburg. I got some Schlotzsky's. I haven't had their sandwiches in forever! They are so good. Just like I remember. ♥ I really needed the time off. Just to think, y'know? I will be transferring soon, and the timing couldn't be better. I was walking around by the campus in Austin and imagining if I could live there. I can. I want to. It's so free and---I just like it. I'm applying there and some other schools. I can't wait to leave this place and atmosphere.
I could not be in more love with our apartment. It's nice, clean and ours. The best thing; we're safe. In a nice, quiet neighborhood and people leave us alone. No one asks for money or backbite. All my buddies go back to school tomorrow, and I have a week off. :) Yay! Now, what to do? I am updating the pictures & music. I didn't have internets to do that. Now I do; I should make a schedule or something. I have a fuller work load this semester to finish up my classes. I'm ready though; whatever to get out of here.

♥ you more & more each day,

PS: My tooth broke off and I didn't know it. I'm scared. :( Also, I saw some very gnarly pictures on weheartit. Watch your back. Merrr!


I'm Not Ready To Die, No.

Hey you!

We're finally...FINALLY moved in and all this sweet stuff! My entry title is from a song by O VICTORI! He is a really fun guy [fungi!] and I love his blogs about letters and unspoken words between his subjects. Also, his photography is nifty, I like it a lot. Stop by and leave a nice comment for him. He's a sweet soul. We now live in an apartment! It's actually my first one, and I love it. Not only is it in a safer neighborhood, it's actually clean. It's not gross from other people's lives. :) I am a happy bee. The end of the end. I passed US History. Yays! I want to post a more intricate details later. I wanted to update because I feel like I should. That's what bloggers do! ;> I am happy to see the summer go; I'm ready for the cool. The crisp, and leggings. I am obsessed with Oxfords, but more of that later. We don't have Internet at home and it feels like I lost a lung. So much....stuff...depends on it. Going to Austin to see my sister off to college. I'm so proud of her and I will miss her. She is going to do great things. :) I'm done.


PS: More posting, pictures & fun soon! ;)


Wanted: Necklace. Ending Date To Have: Eternity.

I feel needy.
Okay, hey guys. :3
Everyone's blogging! Yay!! It makes me happy inside. To the serious to the business woman, to me. I am just giddy. :D So neediness. I feel it because there is something I've been wanting ever since I was a tweener! This necklace from The Prince Of Egypt Moses wore when he was a teenager in Egypt causing trouble:

Actually, he was in a ceremony; they named him successor after his fake dad. Moses was a win; his adopted dad chose him over his real son. If you find anything similar to this necklace and it's available to buy, let me know! I want it. ;_; So badly. It reminds me of the bib necklaces out now. By the way, that's a wonderful movie. Even if you aren't a Bible fan, it's good. The music gets you. It's so pretty. Ironically, it's playing on my iPod. :D Ah, summer time. I talked to my school counselors about transferring, I am very excited about getting out of here.
Scott Pilgrim is coming out this weekend!! Who is going to see it!?? I am! O___O MichaelCeraMichaelCeraMichaelCera. I am not really going for anyone in particular. Just the movie. kbyes!



Sh-short & sweet!


I'm going to be short tonight because I am blowing up with allergies. So! Alice in Vonderland came in today, my pretty oxfords, and awesome comics by Pranas T. Naujokaitis came!!! I'm so excited!

I have been reading his comics for a little over a year now. Really good stuff. I suggest you check it out. I can't get this song out of my head! [Congratulations!] Tee-hehe. :) I am moving and I have to pack up all of my books. So many...books that are heavy. @___@ Sucks, but what can I do? Bye for now!



Keep It Right & Hold Tight.


So, I have a blister on my index finger from bass playing! I'm excited! My friend is thinking about starting a blog; she has pretty poetry. :) I hope she gets one soon.
-COUGH, COUGHgetoneCOUGH, COUGH- Anyways, I did the unthinkable last night. I went to a country club. The only club/bar in a 30 mile radius! The Armadillo. It's located outside of Brazoria, and it was basically a dare or meet up if you will. lol, I had fun! Seriously! No lies! I learned the two-step, caught up with some people I haven't seen in a while, and danced with some dudes. I never would have went there if someone didn't invite me. It's very hick, and I thought I would feel very aware of my blackness. If that can get you in the right mindset. It wasn't like that! I was impressed! Uh, some drunk chicks were trying to set me up with their black guy friend but I wasn't having that! No, no, no! I like to try new things and broaden my thinking. It helps you in the end. I wouldn't go back, but still! Fun times; because of the fun times, I was uber late to work and I took a sXe picture. :) After I got home, I watched American Hardcore. It was really good! I liked it; it's basically a movie about the hardcore punk scene in America from 1980-1986. Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, H.R.,and a lot of others were interviewed and spoke on that era of music and how it changed music history forever. Hardcore came after the birth of punk music. Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, etc were all considered hardcore punk. It made me realize how much I listen to today; one of my favorites is The Dead Kennedys. I love them! I used to think I barely listened to hardcore; obviously not. lol. They even talked about the Straight Edge movement. I get mistaken a lot for being sXe, but I'm not. Haha, good documentary.

Dude. How hot was Henry back then?

Very. Preeeow.




Time To Celebrate!

Hello, friends! I come with grand news!

I finally found a cute purse, and I can get rid of my crappy torn up one! :) O happy day! I also bought some cute necklaces. I figured out that I love lace; dark or light, that stuff is just so attractive to me. ♥ Here's what I got today:
I love this necklace, it's so pretty. :)

I've been wanting this purse for so LONG!! It was five bucks, babee!
I think this necklace is cute. It reminds me of the famous tattoo and Good Charlotte's first album. Hehehe.
Cute three dollar shoes. ♥ ftw

I spent under 40 bucks on all this stuff? I'm so proud of myself. Geez! I kid, but I got some cute things...I am actually trying to soften my look up a little. I always have loved pretty things, but never knew how to incorporate it into my clothes. Or I didn't have the money. So, now that I do, I'm slowly adding things that I consider girly into my day-to-day clothing choices. Any suggestions on how to be more feminine? Right now, I am actually girly, but I could stand to spruce up a bit. Just a dab. :D Wednesday is over and I have a test! S'laters!



Tonight, this song came up on Shuffle on my iPod while I was driving. I wanted for a second to keep driving into the water.


The Heartbeat Of Everything.

I feel battle worn.
I want to bask in the sun with my lady love.
Feel the ocean breeze lightly against my skin.
My letters never seemed to really incorporate what I really want to say to you.
Everything is just falling apart.
These barracks, fields, trenches....hold memories.
Painful memories that I would rather fill with our summers in Venice and when I first met you.
How beautiful you were.
How elegant.
How you commanded a room with just your body language.
God has smiled down on me.
Blessed assurance.
Can I see your hair and smile gleaming in the sun now?
Only frustration and ignorance.
A myriad of greys and reds.
Blood is our second water.
I will come back to you, love. Don't worry too much.
This only for a short while...not forever.
I feel like my departure is nearer by the second.
I could coup de tat!
I hate this; give me back my life!
Before I take it.

I had to get that off my chest; I hope you like it. Happy Monday everyone! :)


PS: How are your Mondays going? This weekend was crazy for me! I was here, there, and everywhere but now I'm grounded. :D I also have major allergies so I feel a bit sick, but what can you do? I can't help it....I'm all stuffed up!
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