Dreams Mean Something.

Hello everyone.

Doesn't my entry title seem legit. So legit.

In the library with a lot of time to waste. My school decided to have a mandatory meeting for music majors&minors.

I love being here more than I have to. Mmm, mmm! :)

No, so how is everyone doing? Today, I had a music test and I did the review for it; 25% of what I did was on that test. The rest was from left field. Just...! You can't do that, teacher! Hopefully I pass.

My friend said we should drop everything and be comedians. So funny! I so remember being like 19 and my little sister saying, "Do you know that you're funny?"

It makes me giggle a bit now! Heheheee, nope! Nooo I never thought I was that funny. Other people do, which I believe is what you want.

So, I have a Performance Studies class and my teacher is hot. I would post a picture but who knows if he Googles his students? Probably! Anyway, he nick is He Who Shall Not Be Named, or HWSNBN.

So, HWSNBN asked us to write something we have never told our parents.

Me. If I'm going to swim, I jump in cannon ball style.

I wrote (& shared!) that I burned a house when I was 7.
I still regret sharing and it's almost Thursday. =/ Oh well! Water under the bridge now!

Gosh, I would like mention something pertaining to my title...but you know me. Off the wall like MJ. I always have vivid dreams. In color. I wish I could read people's mail with my dreams! That would be sickkkk. ;)

I am so lame, I am so loving Youtube videos. Like, fashion people like this & this. I can't help myself. They are legit. Very entertaining and informative! Yes! Next, I have been deleting music off my iTouch. Like...emo-ish, bizarre music. Out with the old.



Litte Ghost, Little Ghost.

So, I am in Austin right now. I am content. Also, I have to try to memorize a poem for my performance class. Goodness. I have a terrible memory. This blog entry is already conceited. ;)

I watched ParaNorman with my mom at the theater and "Little Ghost" by the White Stripes was the song playing in the end credits. I was beyond suprised/delighted. There is so much to do here. I am in love with this city. BAM! I just confessed my love.

Anyway, I wanted to do a little update because it has been on my mind. I don't want to be a ghost blogger. Writing here or there. I want to have a stable writing...schedule.

I have a few projects to do, and I don't feel overly stressed. I am anxious but that's normal for any student, I think.

Also, my random neighbor is a DJ for Sonic Radio and said I should go in and do a voice test! What! Excited! :) I def will! I just never thought that it would be this easy to find people who are in the industry! Sonic or not. Hahaha. Ahhhh, yes.

Connections are always good.

In my Performance Studies class, I have to recite poetry today. I was befuddled and my stomach was in knots. But not now.

I flippin' worked on it for 4ish days. I'm not going to mess up.  Real talk, I am not getting a single word wrong.

It's like I am writing in real time. So many updates. Okay, so I choked. I really messed up. I went up there and all the things I memorized left my mind. I went almost blank. I am so mad at myself! Really?! I recorded the poem and put it on my iPod. T________T 

I just..I don't know. I don't get how actors do it. With theater, you have to know who is talking to you and stuff.

I want to do better next time. I reallyyyy.....do.

Ugh, so anyways, I found this rad lounge cover band that is French! Their name is Nouvelle Vague, and they cover random stuff! I love it. I have their version of  "God Save The Queen" by The Sex Pistols. So gnarly. I downloaded their whole discog, but it wasn't what I had...hoped.

23. Wow. I can't believe I have been on Earth this long.

Still looking like I'm 17. Goodness.

What is funny is that I visited my sister's church and everyone was asking if I was younger. I had on age appropiate clothes. Lea thought it was my skirt but I don't think so! Looking too young!

Benjamin Button! 

Yeah riighhht. 

Lea is pretty mature for her age, but I don't think she looks old.
Nah, bro.

This week flew by. I wanted to visit my friends in Lubbock but I can't go. Total bummer. BUMMERRRR! 
Should I be doing this entry...while I'm in class?

Too late.



I Just Want To Say!

On the eve of my birthday, I want to say this.

I love you guys. I love the people who read my blog unsubscribed. I love the subscribers. You guys motivate me to start up writing if there is a big space of nothing..ness. I defintely want to thank you for reading for listening.

Love you.

I will be back. Stronger and better than ever. My teacher said that we should put our blogs in our portfolios. That makes me cringe a bit but I am a little excited as well.

I'm excited for midnight as well. 

I will be 5 years out of high school. Crazy. 

Happy birthday to this 23 year old.



Yeah Right.

I will be back soon, my darlings.

I will write to you soon, my dear.


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