A Brand New Horizon.

God can use you in such a mighty way.

Thursday. I woke up early. Way earlier than I am used to, and I turn on my phone because for some reason I can't get back to sleep. I see all of these messages waiting on me and then a message from a friend who I haven't talked to in nearly a month. He was asking how I was doing, and I said good. Then, he told me he lost his job. They just let him go without warning that morning. I so know how unemployment feels. God told me to pray for him. I told God, "Whyyyy me, Lord? I haven't talked to this fool in weeks! He just ups and texts me. Nooo." I felt like Jonah. Running, running, running away. The burden for the prayer was so strong I had to do it. You always need to follow the will of God. No matter what. No matter how you feel. So, I called him and left a vmail. For half an hour we played phone tag until he called me back. I told him I called because the Lord wanted me to pray with him. He was SO stoked. Like, seriously. It was crazy how excited he was. So, I went ahead and did that and he started crying really bad. He was amazed at how we were different faiths but God used me. He is Mormon and I'm Pentecostal. A month and a half ago I gave him a scripture about not selling the truth and I told him, "Dude, don't follow non-truth, especially when you know what's right." He insists that's where he should be right now, but no one at his church prayed for him. No one fellowships with him and he told me flat out he needed more Christian friends. To uplift you; it made me get in perspective because I DO have family and friends who believe like me. It was must be hard going through life without anyone. Also, like, I think there is some sore of atmosphere between us because I told him about the old guy who asked me out who lives next door and he wanted to kick him in the throat. =/ I...thought that was hilarious. Anyway, he asked me if I thought of him that way since he is 11 years older than me. I said no, because they are two different people. I think that he wants to say something to me, but doesn't know how. I could be reading way into this like I always do, but something is different about this guy. I'm going to try to ignore it. HMMM! Anyway, he is doing better and I'm praying for a better job for him. A week away is school!! Can't. Wait! I invented a flash mob for my town, and we're doing our first event next Thursday! Heck yeah!! :D


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