What, What, What, Why?

So, this week has been...a whirlwind.

My job. So, I've been doing really bad with my job and getting write-ups and what have you. I don't know what to do. I've been trying my BEST and I STILL CAN NOT MEET QUOTA! I really want to just go to the top of the cliff and scream my lungs out until I can't. So frustrating! I feel like I really don't have a choice in this because if I quit, I won't make it. No money coming in. If I get demoted, I will hate that job, and I love my co-workers. That's one of the main reasons I've stayed this long. There is a 77% turn over for this job and I can see why. What I do specifically is talk to customers who want to close out their account and let them know the benefits of staying with us. There are steps you go through to do that and you have to have a certain way of talking. Let's just say you have to be precise or else the people calling in will run you over. Just tonight run me over the edge. This lady kept just pushing.


I need a new job; I feel like a chicken because I'm one of the last people from my training class who have made it through. Four of us, I think. One of the girls who I talk to hates it. She can't stand it. Anyways, so it's pretty rough at times. There are a lot of cool customers you get to talk to [like the Moneyball guy!], but when you get angry customers back to back..not okay. Can't handle rage when I have nothing to do with you maxing your credit card to the limit and the interest rate on the card is high. Your fault. I've never worked at a job for a couple of months and already loathe talking to people! What?!

So, I want to add him to Facebook tonight. Kind of nervous but it's no big deal. [Yes it is! Ohgoshohgosh.]

I guess. :) I'm going to make this weekend better. The Lord is going to make it better for me because He holds the world in His hands. I'm going to trust Him just like I trusted Him with my finances. I'll give it to Him.

Santigold. FYI, they are playing Death Cab on the radio. "Cath!" What is everyone doing for Halloween? Since it falls on a Monday [lameskis!], I have to work. I may just skipskis and torture someone. Is anyone dressing up and causing trouble? My church is having a festival. Tres cute. I was thinking about some costume ideas:

Just a few ideas.

I hope you guise have a rockin' Halloween!

♥ + batwings,

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