I Just Want To Say!

On the eve of my birthday, I want to say this.

I love you guys. I love the people who read my blog unsubscribed. I love the subscribers. You guys motivate me to start up writing if there is a big space of nothing..ness. I defintely want to thank you for reading for listening.

Love you.

I will be back. Stronger and better than ever. My teacher said that we should put our blogs in our portfolios. That makes me cringe a bit but I am a little excited as well.

I'm excited for midnight as well. 

I will be 5 years out of high school. Crazy. 

Happy birthday to this 23 year old.



M├Ągi said...

Eh? You're a September Baby too!

Rachel, I know I'm extensively delayed, but I hope you'll still let me wish you a happy birthday month.


Happy birthday month, dear Rachel!

Love reading your blog. Love hearing your perspectives. Keep on writing. Keep on writing away! Praying this year will be super swell and full o' growth!

R-r-achel said...

Yes, it's never too late! :D Thank you so much! I really appreciate your thoughts/prayers/comments! They are so uplifting! I agree with you. I want this year to be different in a very different way.

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