O, What Better Way To Be A Punk In May!

What's up, guise?!



Take it back.

I told you I'd do it! Monday's outfit. I was going to use the internet at the library. :)

Sans jacket.

Happy Rachel.

Today is going good. I keep waking up at like 7:58. In the morning. I. Don't. Want. To. D: Ugh.

This is my first picture in my new place. I love it, I sincerely do. I want to be able to afford it, but I know God is able. I've gotten this far. I so know He is there guiding me. This was not a coincidence. Right now, I'm sharing the table with another lady. Kinda awk. I keep looking at her out of the corner of my eye. Whoops! No homo.

I need to repaint my fingernails. They look haggard. The water in SA is terrible on my skin. I'm still not used to it. It's really harsh and drying on my skin. My nails/nail beds look so bad at the moment. Plus, I have hxc hangnails. :'(

What I'm wearing:

shoes// kitty kat by Em & Sprout
These shoes are so adorable and comfy. :3

tights// 2x black tights from Cato
I bought them a long time ago, and I usually buy a 3x, but I really was in a stretch so I bought these instead, stretched them out before I wore them for the first time and they have lasted a long time.

skirt// plaid number by Torrid
I bought this a few months ago on major clearance and it fit! Signs that I've made progress. It's a size under what I wear.

shirt// Tegan & Sara heart shirt by Tegan & Sara
This is my first T&S shirt I bought from their website. It's really old. I love it, thought. The heart shape makes me want to wear it everyday. :)

jacket// Moto jacket by Avenue
My dream jacket. I love asymmetrical jackets! I couldn't find the right one, but that's about what it looks like.

That was fun! Hopefully I can remember to do more in the future!

♥ + kisses,

#54: I'll be fine once I get it.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me ma'am

I'm gonna have to ask you to decorate that house..

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