Tell Me What You Know About Night-terrors? Nothing.

God has been SO GOOD to me. I can't even begin to start on how He has been. The semester has finished and I'm out for the summer. I'm reaaally disappointed in myself, because I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. I am taking classes in the summer to make up for that and I just...I don't know where I'm supposed to go with this college thing. I'm burned out and called out. [Not really the second one.]

I have an apartment.

My clothes fit comfy.

I think I'm smaller. I don't know. I just feel confident and better about myself. Maybe it isn't that I'm smaller, just happier. :)

Santogold is in my ears right now. ♥

I totally can not go to the Manchester Orchestra concert. Unless God rains money, this mug isn't going to Austin. D: I am so sad about this. Like...WHY?!?!? I wanted to gooooo. Oh well. They'll come around again. [Watch it be like 5 years until they do and I'll be all working and stuff so I can't go.] I bought their new CD yesterday, and I really am digging it.

My friend said something sweet to me this week. I think he's rad.

I learned about how people who may not follow what I believe and how our friendships can not work 100%. I think that I'm learning how to rely on my Brothers & Sisters. :) And believe me, they always surprise me with their kindness. I really owe them a lot.

I will be posting outfits soonish. I have natural light everywhere in my new place, so no excuses!

I'm serious. Those outfits are happening.

My dad, for the first time, wants to be in my life. He has helped and even wanted to come up to San Angelo to drop off my bed. :O I have mixed feelings about that. I'm glad he is trying but I don't know how to express what's in my heart. I'm glad but curious.

I explored the front porch of the house by my building. The landlords say this woman bought the house and doesn't live there. She does that all around Texas.

We drove by the house of he man who voiced Bambi today. :)



#53: And if you don't love me, let me go.

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