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Hello, jello!

So I was thinking about my size and everything. My friend, Kat was once a bigger girl and now she has lost weight. It's kind of crazy how we instantly connected and everything. I love how she is always on the same wavelength as me no matter what. When you examine both of our lives we are totally on different paths, ages, and times in our lives. But that's all God, because I seriously couldn't ask for a better friend in a new place. A new town and I have someone who is there for me. Not only that, her family is so cute! Her husband likes me a lot, and I like him too! He's so great and so are her 5 kids. Count it! Insane in the membrane, but they do it. All day, everyday. So, this weekend I vowed to finally put this plan into action and interview her.

When did you initially start gaining weight and noticing it?
When my parents got a divorce, I started really gaining weight. I went through jr. high and high school. During high school I lost weight, but then when I had my first child I gained a lot of weight. By 20 years old, I was miserable.

How was day-to-day?
I took it out on the ones I loved. My husband then took it on me by making me feel so small so I then lived vicariously through my daughter.

For a lot of bigger women, the dating scene is pretty ridiculous. Even for me, it's pretty unbearable, how did you deal with it?
I got pregnant in high school, so I really didn't have to deal with dating as a women in her twenties. I also got married quickly afterward, so dating didn't phase me really.

So, what life like after you started losing weight?
I felt empowered. I was in control; not food. I felt like I could face the world again. I saw a change in how people treated me. It was odd, but I knew it was because I was smaller.

How did your family react to this big change in your life?
They were supportive in everything that I did. I really appreciate and love them.

Do you tell other bigger people about your story and your life?
I won't go out and project it to just anyone. Only people who ask for advice on it. I don't just assume people who are big are struggling with their weight. That can get in you in trouble.

So, I finally got this flippin' interview DONE! I'm ridiculous. The point behind this whole entry was to show everyone that you never know about people's past. This lady...if you saw her in the street, you'd never know. She carries herself well. I think that we all need to take a step back and reassess the situation at hand. With bigger people [myself included] people kind of assume we're miserable. I don't know, I'm not. People constantly push their opinions on what I should do about my horrible weight. Whatever. I say whatevs because I know who I am. I do. I'm 21, and a college student. The world is at my fingertips. Sooooo, yeah. And I'm sorry that it took weeks to finish this up. I'm a hot mess.

♥♥♥ you!


#57 I'm baaaack.

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