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So, I'm only working and thinking about when school starts. I still have no internet at home so I make my trek to the library or the cool coffee shop part of Hastings. They play The Decemberists and Tegan/Sara. Win. At work, I talk to people all day long. It's a call center. Thursday. I was really thinking about what if an actor calls in? Little did I know that's just what happened. Mr. Toy? Okay, has a credit card obvs. Is going to be in this movie called Moneyball starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill? Wow, I was amazed. This is a little of how our conversation went.

MT- "Thank you so much for helping me with my credit card information! I needed to change my address because I live in San Francisco and I'm on location for a movie!"

R- "What? Oh really? What movie?"

MT- "I'm going to be a pitcher in this movie called Moneyball, and it stars Brad Pitt! It's shooting in LA and I'm over there right now. The reason why I live in San Fran is because it's 5 hours away if I'm needed to go there. I can't live in LA because everyone is too spaced out!! But you should SO go see it!"

R- "WHAT?!!? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, heck yes I will! That is sooooo awesome! I can't believe it! Woah, so is Brad and Jonah nice people?!!!"

MT- "Totally."

So, yeah, that's how our conversation went. He was so nice and I am still in shock of why that guy has a credit card anyway. :D Good stuff. They are looking into moving me into another department, though. It's taking me too long to pick up the flow of things. As long as I don't get fired, I'm fine but I'm already comfy with my co-workers. I seriously like everyone a lot and it would be a bummer to leave. I guess I can add them on facebook or something. =/ We'll see how this week goes. I'm going home week after next and I can't wait. I really miss my family. I think that's the worst about living 7 hours away is that they're not close by. School is coming up very soon, so I told myself I'd go see them before then. I def want to do it. Also, God has been dealing with me lately. I had a scripture for my friend today.
"Buy the truth and sell it not." Prov 23:23
I let him know, but those words speak a lot of truth. Never stray or settle for something that is partial truth when you know in your heart it's wrong. You have to set that standard. Jesus did it for us. He didn't half way die on the cross. He gave his life for us; the least we can do is serve him fully. That goes for me too; one of my favorite band's lead singers was potentially a satanist. No, I can't just let it go. I have actually been avoiding the issue, but I know I can't string along forever. Something has got to give. I hope everyone who reads this has a very blessed week, and has fun for the rest of summer! W0000t! Let's get it, guise!


PS: So you know I wasn't telling a story! The movie poster:

Doing work in the streets.

#58: I don't feel old, I feel alive.

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