Oh My, These Days...

So, went to see Manchester Orchestra on Saturday.


WHAT!? I deeeeeed! It was amazing.
Hobos every which way.

Anyway, I left Sat morning, and got to my sister's apt around 11:30ish. I tell you what! Driving 75mph in the hill country. Win. I settled in and hung out with my sister for a while. Actually, we were out in her neighborhood and she saw someone get hit by a car. Devastating. Not only was it on the day of my concert, but it just...sucked. I don't know. And so we pulled over and everyone within a 5-10 mile radius was stopping, calling 911, etc. I had to put my sister's car in park because she was frozen in shock. We actually went to another side of town to eat and everything. She lost her appetite. :( After that, she dropped me off at the show. I got there way early and the line was just barely starting. Yay! :) 

The sign by the sidewalk. I waited about an hour and a half just in line, and then, they finally let us in! We were marched in like criminals, though. Very odd, like, tickets in one hand and our other hand visible so we have our bracelets checked. All bags checked of course. Got in, and okay. I always try to get as close as possible. Just because I blog and I love being so close to the stage and almost touching the band or whoever is playing. It makes me happy, but what sucks is I was almost second row but I was right behind this very tall guy who looked so derpy. Wasn't even there for Manchester Orchestra! Was like, trying to get all of his friends up to the front, too. UGH. That happened. He moved right before MO came on. Heck to the yes. In the venue we waited for another hour and a half? I think there was something going wrong, because everyone who was helping seemed in a rush and were setting up/tearing down extra fast. I promised myself I would post this...post so I might break up my thoughts. Sorry ahead of time.

So, the bands that played:

Little Hurricane
The Dear Hunter  
White Denim

So, Lil' Hurrikane. Jk, they were like The White Stripes if they went extra alt-rock. Just a girl on drums and a guy who can't sing on guitar/'keys. Their equipment broke in the middle of the set and they had to stop and fix it. =/ Kind of sucked, but they took it in stride. I guess it has happened...before?  No, no, no! Jokeskis. Pictures!!!

They were okay, but the guy's voice really threw me off. What was weird is that I was in Pac-Sun yesterday and their song was on their store radio!! :O Getting popular!
So, The Dear And Hunter; Casey from another band formed this one and they were okay. I could see why they opened for MO. They were really similar in styles, but I wasn't really into it. I guess I was just waiting for MO and tolerating them. I am ridiculous, but yeah! Pictures/videos! 

So, my videos have to be uploaded separately and I guess I'll put it on a different post. I've been holding this on off too long. I'm sorry, fateful viewers! :( Anyways, so Dear & The Hunter was legit. Not my style, but that's okay. The next band...made me mad. So MAD! White Denim is from Austin and is a....[brace yourselves]....a jazz fusion band?! Why even are they included on a tour with MO?! No. SENSE! The whollllle crowd was just standing there waiting while they just went to town on improvisation and all of this unnecessary mess! Their set seemed extra long! To pass the time, I took some pictures:

There's that. They finally left & then it was time...

What I waited for so long. Manchester. 
It's so awesome seeing a band you love live. It's just takes you to that other level of amazement. Seeing them in real life, being so close to them and singing the words to every song just gets me. Another thing is people who are big fans or even more hxc about than me. People who travel hours to see a concert because you know they'll be around your hometown. Those people. Fans. I have respect for them, y'know? I have the setlist! <3's on my favorites and links so you can listen to them, too. :)

My Friend Marcus
Leaky Breaks
Colly Strings

Virgin ♥ 

So good. Just watched the new music video for them...Virgin. What are you trying to say, MO? Hmmm! America is in the pits? Maybs. Their set not looks short. Not enough songs; two encores. :D

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

I really love them. Their music is so...moving. As I grow older and my music tastes change, I get it. I realize that music is not just created in one form. There are so many forms and ways to truly express how you feel. I think that music breaks all barriers. I just love it. This week is going okay, and I think I'll be okay with everything. I'm getting to know him better. We joke all the time; I don't self conscious. I feel like me. Which is always a good thing. X3 Um, I'm still looking for a job. I'm horrible at my current one. I know God will help me with that; like always. Like He always does with everything else.
Ciao for now.



RoseColoredGlasses said...

Saw The Dear Hunter in Austin a couple of months ago! All of their music is so different, so some of their songs are really up my alley and some are....not.
Don't like.
Casey....good voice, man.
I love concert posts! :D Soooo happy you got close. I always go to concerts way early to be close too. Like it. Good decisions.

rachel ♥ said...

Thank you, Cassie Cass! :D I appreciate your appreciation! :)

So. Many. Good. Ones.

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