The Weakends. My weak end.

Hello, hello.

I am in a very thoughtful mood tonight. So, 2011 went by so fast. I feel like we just started January.

I've been in SA almost a year now. I remember being so excited to leave home, and now I can't wait to visit and I can't wait to see the bridge before going into town. Wow, and so many things have happened.


He plays such a huge role in everything. In my life, in your life. Just...in all things. 

I fell like I haven't given enough time to Him at all; my pastor preaches about spending time with him like a spouse or a bestie and I just need to do IT. 

Today went by fast and Tuesday I am leaving for home. I'm so so excited because I can't wait to see my family. See my friends and just relax at home. 

Thanksgiving is over. That's how long it's taking me to make this entry. I think it's the anxiousness.

Nervousness. I feel as if this entry will be the end and the start of something very...different.

Anyway, I feel as if my prayer life has dwindled. When I first came to SA I was so into winning people to church and bringing people on my floor to my new church. I have settled in. Now, my friend who is moving here too next semester is going to visit my church again. :) He really really liked it, which makes me really happy. 

I need to work on my relationship, because Jesus hasn't changed. He still meets my needs and provides for me every single time. I think that's where I want to hide in a hole or something because He sure doesn't my lack of worship. Of course there are people all over the world lifting up prayers and praise to Him, but He is a jealous God.

....I need to work on it.

So, I'm back home and I got here in 6 hours instead of 7? I was very proud of that because I totally stopped twice. 

Gas station restrooms will remain sketchy. It was 7:45 at night and I was still on my guard. It's funny, because everyone else is too. So, it's kind of funny.

In a way.

So, it's finally winter and I couldn't be happier to wear more clothes! I might get weave too which is exciting! My friend from work can do it, and all I do is buy the hair. I thought, "Why not? Life is too short!" :) She was like, "Maybe you'll get the guys. You never know...or that guy."

^////^ That wouldn't be a bad thing.

I think as I get older, I get better at dressing. I look at fat fashion blogs allll the time, so it must be rubbing off on me. Positively.  Here's to this week!

Dreamlist soon. Soon? Yeah, soon.

♥ all of you and you,


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