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Hay cool cats!

Still not a cool intro, but whatevs. Love it or hate it!

Maybe it's because I'm insanely not busy or just stupid lazy but I haven't been blogging and I'm sorrry. I was trying to write that like a Canadian. =/ SORRY!! To make it up to you guys, here is some pictures!! 

Paul Ruddd!  ♥  I don't care if you are 41. I'd love you forevs. 

So, I've been making bows and bows and bows. I love them and I know that I am 22, but seriously! They are adore!! :3 I can cross off red lipstick on my bucket list. ;) 

What do you guys think? Some people say black women can't wear red lipstick, but I feel they can! It looks okay to me. I know that lighter skinned black women do it, and I see some odd colors, too! Like, lavender or lime green! Just because you are light skinned doesn't mean anything! I mean, I don't wear red lipstick everyday but if I was into make-up, I would have it as a staple in my lipstick collection. I haven't been wearing much of any lipwear. =/ Even my lip gloss! When I was high school, I wore it constantly! No. Joke. I've just shied away from it. I'm not trying to go for a certain look or anything...I just don't wear it. Also! I was not even going by the yearly lipgloss throw away rule! Then, one day I really looked at them and noticed that they were utterly disgusting. More than one had my hair on it. GROSSS! You can throw up now. D: Yeaaah so I totes threw them away; even the Lip Rush ones from Victoria's Secret. 

Btw, have any of you bought the PINK body sprays? Those suckers are good. I bought a mini one in Jan, and I am almost out. :S It smells reallly...normal. Fresh and rich. 8 bucks well spent. Anyways! So I have less than 5 tubes of lipgloss. I bought this Tokidoki lipgloss in Feb of last year and I refuse to let it go. It was like 15 bucks! I'm such a cheapo, but I love it. Maybe I will take a picture of it and show you. It's my least fave color and flavor. Hot pink bubblegum and it's very gloopy and sticky. I only use it for special occasions. ;) Last weekend my brother and his fiance came up here to visit my mom! :) It was really fun, and they also visited my church!!! Sunday's service was such an amazing...thing. I don't even know how to describe it! All I can say is that it was wonderful. My mom was really happy. :)  THIS WEEK IS FINALS AND I CAN'T WAIT TO BE OUT OF SCHOOL FOR A COUP WEEKS, DUDESSSS!!!! 

I only have 3 finals and two of them are tomorrow/today. So good. My music final is 200 questions. O_____O Out of ctrl. Why?! I realllly hope that he doesn't mess them up. I recently turned in a song review and got a high C. I was thinking I would fail, but yeah! And I got an A on my CD review!! S c o r e. I don't even have the textbook.

Now, this chem test is diff. It's going to be a struggle. This will be my last science class. Ever!

I signed up for summer and fall; things are looking good. Everything has fallen into place and I have God to thank for that. I have been on Youtube watching people vlog and I so want to do that. I think I am sort of interesting! Maybe I can put up a poll and leave it to you guys to decide. I've never done anything like this and it should be funskis! I don't know if I could do it daily like some of the people I watch. :S They make a living out of it. Legit. I'm just looking to have fun. Shocking news tonight; the leadsinger of Against Me is becoming a woman?! INSANE! He is not even gay; just thinks he was born in the wrong body. Like, wow. I was shocked. Left. Field! I'll link the newsstory. :O This world is in trouble.
I am not a hxc fan, but I do like some stuff from them! My friend stopped in the middle of the road! She reallly listens to them. Shocker!! 2012!

I just think of his wife and child. You know? How is it going to affect his kid in her life? What do you say to your friends and classmates? 

Kind of sad.


Enough of that! Summer is here and today and yesterday it rained! It feels so good. I love the grey skies! 

On Memorial Day, I'm going home for a family reunion and I think it will be really great. My sister & I will carpool down and I want to stay for a couple days. I just want to see everyone and just relax. I mean, compared to a lot of people in school, I have had an easy semester but it only slowed down after dropping that phys class.

I am fine, I am fine, I just need 100 dollars!

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.



11. to wear red lipstick
12. write/perform a song for a dozen people
13. to have several different hairstyles
14. to grow in God
15. deep sea dive
16. to walk the streets of New York
17. be in a big musical

I also think that charlieissocoolike is super cute. His English accent doesn't help the cause.  He is pictured above with his hair pulled sooo far back. Also! I tried to put floral fabric on my oxfords! Please excuse my nappy as ever hair! Don't you just love my scowl in the gif? 10/10.

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