Big Oppertunity! :D

Hellooo out there!

It's been a while so I guilted myself into updating! It's weird with me, I dread starting to write but when I do start an entry, I can't stop. I have to cut myself off and end it. Not. Ramble! I do that a lot. This is ridiculous, but I am back! DUDE IT'S MAY ALREADY!! Goodness! I am up to no good as usual but really! Exciting things happening! I took those app tests and I prayed about this career thing. I had a dream a week and a  half ago about this lady who works at the college showing me info on the communications and music and said that I could really do both! Then I woke up. Haha, so I took that as a sign to do something in one of those two areas. I picked communications! 

I'm going to be a radio DJ!  Yay! :) So, yesterday, I went to get advised and really see what classes I needed and didn't need and all the classes for summer and fall lined up so good. Honestly, I prayed in the car on the way that all of my classes I've done line up with my new degree because I don't want to go backwards or anything. =/ I'm done with taking kiddy classes! When we looked at my transcript, the lady was actually impressed. That's really new for me because when I go get advised for nursing, the advisor is always like, "Oooh, okay do you want to maybe take this? I don't see you applying for the program right now...maybe wait a semester?" 

Dumb! I'm not ignorant, I'm just struggling, k? I'm happy that she was impressed by my grades. I've been so down about the whole thing and I have felt really really small. So, I am majoring in communications and I'm minoring in...music! I thought that was crazy because I dreamed that about both. Every class I want was open and fell into place. All God. I know this is where I should be. I know it will be hard work, but I think with me enjoying the work, it won't be so stressful. So, I still need to put up pictures of my bows I've made and my new "floral" oxfords. Dudes, those floral patches are already fraying. -___- Gosh. My friend is graduating and I am moving on. Oh, and I bought this:

 A red wig! I know that I am black and normally black people can't have natural red hair! I knowwww, but I don't care. I love it. At first, I thought it was a regret purchase, but now that I'm wearing it and stuff. I really like it. I love the color, and I feel like Ariel in this! 2012 Ariel! Heheheee, I think I can scratch off one of my things on the bucket list. Ooh! I also bought some red lipstick but I can't find it! It's lost! =/ I sincerely think I threw it away by accident or my mom did. I pretty sure she doesn't like that I had it. Oh well. Old. Enough. Not a kid anymore. Hmmm, so it's so weird having long hair. It actually frames my face as you can see in the picture. Ha! I'm anxious to put it on Facebook because I will get flack for it. I totes will. One more thing about my major, since I'm going to be volunteering at a radio station this summer, the lady told me about this class that is also an internship! I thought that was so rad!! I def want to do that! Inside of my rad hair the cap has lace. Those Chinese are so cute. :3 

Still making those mixtapes! I can make one tonight, but no one has said anything about them? Are they that lame? =( 

Let's see...this Memorial Day I'm going down to where I used to live for a family reunion! It's been a lonnng time since I've been down and all of my siblings, aunt, and uncles, etc will be there. Dad asked if Leah & I would sing...that will be a piece of cake. He booked us a hotel room suite! Crazy! Here's to living it up for two daize! Going to make a gif, I'll see you on the flip side!


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