A Shortie!

Hey guys!

I wanted to do a short entry right before bed. c: So, this weekend has been crazy. We had the church lock in and it was...interesting to say the least. Some boy almost got a concussion. Thank God he was okay! He bounced back real quick. Goodness. Some dislocated shoulders and bruises as well. By 3am, we were done. Like, shut it down fast. 

Maybe for the best? I had the worst toothache ever. :(( I am not even kidding. 5 on the Richter scale.

I am not better since prayer service. Yay!

So, this LA trip is very very real. My friend is going to let us stay with her  and that's totes a miracle. Seriously, I prayed about it. I mean, I know my sister & I deserve a vacation but I want God to be there. Orchestrating it all, and pulling it all together. So I've been praying about it and hoping things will fall in place. So far, so good!! It's an 18hr drive--24hrs with gas station stops. 

We can do this! We are two Rosie the Riveters!

I want to get a legit camera so I can take tons of pictures of everything. I don't know the next time I will be going to California. Or even the places between LA and SA. =//

I just never travel long distances. 

That's about to change in two week! Goodnight!


PS: All I need is...time.

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M├Ągi said...

Ehh -- sorry about that toothache. Sounds miserable miserable miserable.

LA trip? Oi! Fantastics. Hope you have a wonderful time in that ever-so-large city. Explore a park or two for me. Make some memories. Take some photographs. Eat a meal with strangers....

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