You Better Come Back Down To Mars.

Heys guys! :)

So, I have a bone to pick. I have a rant to start or whatevs. So, being single...is it that bad? Tonight I was talking to one of my friends and he was going on and on about this girl. Now for him this is the norm. He is always in some predicament with a girl. He just never finds a decent one, is what I'm getting at. Says, "I'm tired of being single now so I'm getting a girlfriend."

I'm sorry, is being single like wearing a shirt to you? I'm not frustrated just kind of put off that people do that. Think that way.

(I'm sorry, I've been single for 22 years and counting and I can't seem to shake it. So, it sucks being in single hood no matter what people say. Don't say to someone like me that you're tired of being single. I've been tired of it ever since I can remember.Also, it doesn't count if you're in and out of relationships to say how much you love the single way of life. You have no idea, friend.)

I love that people in relationships just forget what it's like. This isn't a suck post or a whiny post. I'm just saying...it's annoying when people who aren't usually single are single. 

No sir.

In other uplifting news, it's the start of a new week and church was awesome as usual. There is going to be a youth lock-in at my church and the speaker wants us to dress for a funeral! It's a little odd, but I am excited! I like dressing up. I kind of want to dress like Katy P. did in her "Thinking of You" video.

Really pretty & somber. :) I have some lace half gloves I've been wanting to try out. 
Going to be funsies. All of the Eisley girls are pregnant! It's so cute! :D I'm happy for them, and they are starting on their new album as well which is more exciting! Also, Motion City and Tegan & Sara are making/made albums. The new MCS record is pretty chill. There are some poppy songs on there but it seems Justin is pretty mature this time around. Growing up? Maybs. I can't WAIT until the new T&S record!!! It's going to be awesome. :D Their last one was amazing. It got stuck in my head. In a ver good way!

School starts in a month. Kind of excited!! 

I'm ready for a change. 


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