Together! Forever!

Hey hey heyyyyyy!

So, this week is flying by and today we had to recite our poems, and when I finally mustered up the courage to volunteer, the class was over. =// Thursday fer sure! 

In my other class, I had accidentally missed the midterm! The one day I wasn't in class, we have a test! WTC!?! So, my teacher had mercy on me and let me take it today. I am going to be docked 20 points, but hey! A low grade is better than a zero, amirite?! 

So right.

This was a draft but I'm remedying that now. I did my poem and I actually feel okay with my performance! 

The assistant just said that I should laugh at my own jokes which I am horrible at.

I'm trying to work on not being such a goofball. This weekend was ridiculous, because I did absolutely nothing but clean up a bit. I went through my old mix CDs and laughed. Oh wow. 

Anyway, I was one weird kid. My hot poetry teacher liked my new poem and the metaphors. Also, I made a higher grade on this project that I did in Visual Comm. I seriously thought I was going to fail. My teacher is super nice but she doesn't talk about what she wants us to do. At all. She also throws in random instructions in the middle of a project. We will see how this last thing will go.



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