All majors come with stresses. I need to remember that.

While I was getting into the elevator, this freshmen boy [who, by the way he was acting, probs had a mental disorder] thought I was a mom checking out the campus.

Cardigans aren't just for old people, little one.

Also, he talked way too loud for two people in a small box. Just...too loud. Louder than me, and that's hard to do. ;)

I feel so worn out and it's only Tuesday. 

I am getting into Bad Religion. A lot. They have tight harmonies and even tighter lyrics. I had a handful of songs from them, but now I want to buy their CDs. And records. And mp3's. Whatever.

I still believe in concrete media! Down with the system!

No, jk.

Cheers to your week going awesome.



M├Ągi said...

Yeah! Go Mom Status!

R-r-achel said...

LOL! Looking young my foot!

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