I'm coming back for you. I promise. Let me just dust everythinnnng off around here! It feels like I've been gone longer than I have. It's been two whole months kind of!

Summer is torture.

Also, why even did Google Reader go away? That's so so lame! I can't even! I have  new program but it's not the same and I can't really use it how I used Google Reader. All things must come to an end. I watched V For Vendetta tonight and it's got me thinking of all the freedoms we have in America. Would I give them up for security? For stability?

I just don't know. My immediate reaction is no but what if there is a weird circumstance?


I watched the movie Bright Star. Well, I've been watching a lot of movies this summer. This one was beautiful. I loved it.  The actor who plays John Keats looks like my teacher who is hot. It's so weird how much they look like each other.

Anyway! I will write soon! :)


M├Ągi said...

Been missing you. Welcome back!

R-r-achel said...

Thank you, it's good to be back. <3

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