My First Post!

So, this is my first post!

What do I say first? Thank you for taking a look? Thanks for nothing? Maybe not the last one, but this is my first semi-serious blog since msnspace. What I will be writing about will be adventures I get myself into, sewing, crochet-ing, DIY, and just my life in general. I do want to start my own sewing deal called Bare Bones [thanks Kim!] and make a neat Etsy. That's all in the woodwork right now because I have ghey things like school and work, but I'll do my best to supply the internetz with something the kids crave. ;) I also might just have an off day and just write about my week or something. Whatevs.

My phone got stolen.



kimhoay said...

lols, I like how you just threw in your phone got stolen. XD This is a good first post! [and I told you you needed a blog!]

kimhoay said...

"My Bare Bones" =] Love it!

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