Wake Up!

Hello internet world!

I must say, I've been a naughty blogger and left out large spots of my trite life. Never fear! Here is this:

So, this is me in the morning. Notice how pretty my hair is. I'm halfway in the picture because I took it semi-asleep.

I am walking to my school with a weird look on my face. I had a test that day. Look at the cars in the back! Vroom!

This is a front shot of the school. BC! BC!

I am at work here. I work at a Museum in Angleton, and sometimes it can be the worst. Especially when my bed seems so inviting! Usually I go to school and drive to work.

After work. I'm in love with a pillow! Yes, I do hug my pillows. Shut up.

After a long day, sleeping on my Little Mermaid pillow feels just right. ♥ Ariel is my favorite!

But before that! Swap time! Tonight I got a swap from this fun pa
rty, and it was awesome. I got a big hair clip, a star-shaped lip gloss tray, and some other cool stuff! The lady wrote on a Dresden Dolls card thing! She was a win.

Ah, amour. I can't wait to try all of them on or use them. :D
Also, I didn't make a Valentine's craft because I was so busy, so I am going to make an applique for a head band real soon. Like, real soon.

One more time:



1 comment:

kimhoay said...

You do a lot of sleeping. XD jk, jk! hahaha Aw, your swap looks schweeet! I like this post. =] It's like, "things that Rachel does while we text." XD

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