Everyone's Got To Face Down Their Demons

I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.

My weekend was woah! My sister came home and gruess who picked her up in downtown Houston?! That's right. ^____^ I'm getting better at navigation, but I had my bester with me. She helped me a lot. I just get so panicky. Anyway, work and more work and hXc allergies because of the season change. It's finally cool outside! Ah, I love it but my nasal passages don't. D: I feel like I'm dead in the morning, and during the day. Last night, I finally bought some Claritin for it. They melt on your tongue! On Saturday night, I went to see:

It was really good! I highly recommend it. Justin Timberlake did a really good acting job. Not even kidding on that. :)

Before the conference:

& After:

There WAS a homeless guy who came up to me but he only asked how the service was. I stopped though, like hesitantly and he copped a 'tude! Whaaat. Don't think I will totally talk to you in the dead of night and you're black wearing gross clothes. Let's be real here. I got out of Houston safely and I was rejoicing the whole way home and into Monday morning. Going to the conference gave me a refreshing in my spirit that I was longing for. Also, just being around people of like faith made me happy. Just to feel that...home-yness. :) Another thing was that I saw all types of Pentecostal people. Some women wearing skirts down to the floor and some had haircuts. I saw this girl who had on a floor length jumper with some really ugly work shoes her mom probably gave her. It really was eye opening as far as standards go and what I said in my earlier posts about how Pentecostals dress. I just really needed that service. bye bye guys!


#7: I've always wanted to fly.

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Janae said...

I....I just can't even begin to tell you how hard i gigg'd it up about the homeless guy.

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