I've Reached My Action Potential!

I've been mega sick. I have had really bad allergies all month, but Thursday morning I woke up and everything hurt. It even ached to eat. My teeth were in pain! That can't even happen outside of a toothache! Yes, so I was out of shape, and so misplaced. On the good side, I got the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim in the mail, and haven't stopped listening to it yet. Scott Pilgrim? You haven't heard of Scott Pilgrim? You should drop everything and go check it out. :) I also got a scarf and some black socks, but you don't want to hear about that! How about how I had to call in for 2 days because I was terribly sick? Yeaaah. That happened. It's okay, because I kind of need time off. We have this big re-enactment coming up, but no one is pumped. Or doing anything, except the secretary & me. Thanks guise. Not really. Let me just jump off the pity boat, and say that I love the fall. I do, it's my favorite season ever. The usual crisp air against my skin and wearing cute fall clothes. You can't get any better than that, but this year has been unbearable. I've heard of allergy shots, I need to look into that.

To sum up my fashion sense or what I want my sense to be in 5 words:

romantic funny DIY obscure edgy

What's your 5 words? :)

coughdrops + tissues,

#9: I don't like U2, Spank Rock, Tom Petty, current pop/computer music, and Coldplay.
Yes, I did put those all in the same category.

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