Tell Me I'm Staying.


It's been a while. A week? Eeek! This is probably going to be short and then later tonight I will post a longer one after myself, because I am just like that. ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM! Kidding, so last weekend was fun! On Friday to celebrate my Financial Aid coming in, I took my mom out to eat dinner. So cute. Saturday was my dear friend's birthday, and I took her to see

7/10. It was really funny and good. :) I enjoyed it! We went out to eat and had fun at the park. Just had fun being young and alive. I just read that "Look What You've Done" by Jet was highly influenced by "Sexy Sadie" by The Beatles. Actually they just took the lines from their song and made their own. That's dumb but smart because it got really popular. Good jorb, Jet.


#8: Would it naive to say that I want a guy to pick me first?

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Seo said...

Jet basically stole their whole debut album (is it their only album?) from the Beatles' Revolver. And their hair. And their clothes. And their voices. And their music style. Yeaaah.

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