That Point.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Doesn't everyone get to this point? I feel like I'm running in circles.
I just want to move forward. I'm burnt out, and run out. Writing feels good. Something that I'm okay at. My job sucks. I've never hated a job so much in my entire life. Call centers. 


I want to scream. It's too loud at home, and awk at the library. So, I'm going to sit and listen to Manchester Orchestra and write.
And write.
And write.

I am sorry that it's been so long. I wanted to write every couple of days, and I haven't.

So, the semester is over and in Stats class, I failed. So mad. I actually put forth effort in this class and she is going to fail me? I passed her other class, and didn't pass Stat. No sense. Nonsense. She is nonsensical. I looked at my grades today and I emailed her asking what I could do for a passing grade. 

I don't know if that will work.

I don't know if she will read it in time since she never checks her email, but I want to try.

I'm trying.

Plus, she never came to class, and canceled class for no reason. No one honestly knew what they were doing. She didn't teach us, rather just let us go at random times or just never showed up.>=(

Don't fail me when you failed yourself.

So mad.

I just put 's' instead of 'd'.
Mas mad.

So much so. It's like...I want my school life to go well at least.

My work life sucks.

My spiritual life needs some repair.

Come on school; get it together. 
Here's to this week and not sucking. Last night at work was terrible. I hate ungrateful people, people who put themselves in that situation and blame everything except what caused it.

15, 16K in debt and you think since I can't give you a low apr it's my fault. No sir, no ma'am. How about not maxing out your credit card?

I'm sorry this is such a poopy post. I know it's far from the norm. On a much more lighter, happier note my family is coming to ME for Christmas!!! YAAAAY! It's going to be so fun with them in the a-p-t. :D My sister wants to decorate my house. No.

Not happening, but they want to see meeeeeeee. Excited to be with them for the holidays. Hey-oh.

Time for work and putting on a brave face.

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