At The Sound of The Chalk You Dropped On The Floor.

I am in the process of making a Peter Pan collar. I want to get it done tonight, but you never know how lazy I might get. I slept most of the afternoon, so I feel good! Also, I watched Never Been Kissed this afternoon and I teared up a bit! I so knew where Drew Barrymore's character was coming from! I think everyone can relate to that. It sucks being the ugly duckling! I never wanted to be popular, but in school I was always overlooked!

We share the same past, Drew! Also, this guy. He is so handsome! When I first saw the movie, I thought so, and I still do. :) Just his face is so good looking. I'm still on my rampage through Futurama. Hehehe, and I can't finish Pasta. I don't know what it is about me, maybe because I don't want it to end, or whatever, but I haven't watched the last half of episode 20. 


Oh well, it's always going to be online, and I know I'll watch it one of these days. I am also going to paint my nails/give myself a mini-manicure! My nails look rough! The water here is so mineralized [not even a word!], it tears UP my cuticles. =/ Hard water. No fun. When I first came here I broke out in a rash because I wasn't used to it.

Rashy shoulders! Mm. :) Moving on, my hair is growing! It was ear length, now the back part is past the nape of my neck! Eeee, thank you, Jesus! 

Totes praying about it. YEAH, EISLEY!

Really fun! I rode the bus with my sister and it wasn't bad at all. I could do the Metro. She hasn't been to a lot of concerts so she wasn't used to standing for long periods of time. The first act was Christie DuPree, and her brother, Colin. They were really good. I think they've gotten better. They even had a back up band. Next was a band called Marksmen, but they changed their name during tour into something I couldn't even get what he said. He told us twice. Anyway, so the lead singer was bridging the gap between us, and on the last song he jumps in the audience and while everyone was back up and splitting, Leah froze up! In the middle of his path, and so he's like, "Having a good time?" 

No where to go! So so funny! Their band wasn't that good. Like a newb Manchester. Not my style. The drummer on the other hand was very cute. :) He had high cheekbones, so we nicknamed him that. Cheekbones. ♥! Hahaha, it was a blast. Still surprised my sister came! After "Marksmen"...


The girls were all beautiful like always! Here's the setlist!

Lights Out
The Valley
Better Love
Marvelous Things
New Song**
Many Funerals
Watch it Die
Oxygen Mask
I Could Be There For You ♥
Mr. Moon
I Wasn't Prepared
Golly Sandra
Deep Space
192 days
I Wish

Such a good show. :) I just enjoy concerts. Here's a pic of my list of stuff I'm interested in:

I was thinking about being a costume designer. Not for plays, but to dress actors/actresses for movies and music videos and things like that. I know that you have to start at the bottom, but I would do that.

Dude, totes would. 

Thank you guys for all of your lovely comments. I appreciate them so much! And Magi...you're one awesome girly.

Off to DIY!



Sarah Elizabeth said...

Jelly of you and your knack for titles... I suck at those. XP

R-a-chel! said...

Thank you! Keep trying! You're so good at writing, though.

Hint: think of something random and pull it together with personal thought. :)

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