Tricks & Trades.

Hello, hello! 

So, I randomly made this wish list. I have no clothes! That was a joke because my clothes are overflowing my three tiered plastic Yaffa like drawers. Come to think of it, I've had those for a while. Now, on the bright side, I have been giving away stuff. :) I feel good giving to people who have not. 

It's kind of awk to come up from a serious post. I know the last time I wrote was kind of serious and life changing.


That hasn't changed. I still need to figure what to do. I will. With God's help. For now, here's my wish list. 

I finally downloaded two No Doubt albums. No good so far. I guess my singles collections picked out the gems from their discog and put them on that CD. X3

I'll ttyl!

Tricks & Trades.



Sarah Elizabeth said...

The very first album is my favorite and the last album. All the others are okay but not great. I kinda like Return to Saturn.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

PS-- you never wear dresses. Why the heck not? You would look really cute in old-style dresses like the white one with the Peter Pan coll on your list. Jus' sayin'.

R-a-chel! said...

I got Rock Steady & Tragic Kingdom. I'll look into the Saturn one! Also, I love dresses!! I just never found any that were cute. =/

Thank youuu! ♥ I like old, vintage-y things anyway.

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