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So, tomorrow I was going to go to Abilene to go thrifting! Well, my mom got sick at work today and so...she is resting.

She is going to be a trooper and go work tomorrow. She asked me if she gets sick to pick her up from work. Which means...

No Abilene. =/ This isn't a grumpy post! I guess it wasn't in the stars!

Psh, anyways. My screen bled right where I'm typing so I don't know if I have a spelling mistake! Whoops! So, tonight, I will be doing my third mixtape! I hope you guys are liking them? Are you? Let me know in the comments! :) Maybe I can change it or do something rad. So, tomorrow with the Ab trip canned, I'll probably just roam around SA and study it up for my test tomorrow. I guess me not going is for the best because I'm all over here acting like I don't have a math test tomorrow! Bam! Currently, I've been deleting songs from my iTunes. I just was thinking...if I skip the song everytime it comes on my iPod...why have it? So, I've been just deleting a lot of music. Almost whole albums. Feels good. I think also my taste is maturing. I never thought I would grow up musically! It happens to the best of us, I guess. 

Seriously, if I could get a job in making mixtapes for the world, I would do just that. Also, I was thinking...is there a job called music researcher? For instance, if there a pop culture show and they needed the information on the subject. Who does that? I think I'll Google it. =/ That would be an awesome job! I love reading up on music/pop culture history! 

Hmmm. I made two polka-dot bows right before church and I secured my Peter Pan collar! I love itttt!! :D Giddy with excite over here! Playlist time!


This will be changing everything.


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