Falling Like Dominoes.

So I came home this week.

The family reunion was good. It was a bit awkward for me, but I think it's because all of my uncles and their families weren't familiar. Anyway, I met one of my cousins for the first time. His name is James, and he was really nice. He added me on fb...it was really cool to get to know all of our family. It is so hot here. I don't know which heat I like more or can stand. T___T They are both terrible in my opinion. I forgot how far away things are here. I was staying in a small town and we traveled all the way to the Houston area. 2 hours driving. Not. Cool. I don't know how normal people commute. No fun. Anyway, how are you doing, internet? :)

It's taking me foreverrr to finish my post. Fail. So, this is the first day of school and I got home from...home safely. I'm ridiculous, but I had a lot of fun. Yesterday, church was amazing. We were all over the place. It's just awesome how God works in our lives. Also, one of my friends started coming, too! She is so faithful to church, and it makes my heart glad. Y'know? I've been getting into making onigiri and everything Japanese. I am in love with their culture. While I was down, my besties and I went to a Japanese store called Fit. It was greattt! One of the girls working there liked my satchel. C: What can I say? I just have great taste. Jkjk! I want to post some pics, but for now I'll leave you with this cute picture! 


PS: I'm excited because my teacher is so cute. Score! ;D 

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