I'm Crazy For Tu.

Hey guys.

Easy peasy week this time around. This is random and pretty much not blogworthy, but I haven't had pain in my teeth at all. Woohoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! My friend is making me a mixtape! So excited! I want new music. I'm in discovery mode; I totally want a mixtape made for me. My other cooler friend made me an excellent mixtape and it was totes for me. It had this really rad song on it and I was hardcore relating to it. -___- There was this song about moving out west that I just couldn't stop listening to. Here it is. It's so sweet in the most sweetest way. Go ahead. Go aheaaad. :) 

That's my squinty understanding face. -___- Relatable!

So, yeah, she is so awesome and I love her so much! She did a great jorb on that. I want more now! Muhahahah! Lame.

Okay. so I have been watching a whole lot more Youtube lately. I just suddenly got into to hxc and I'm totes looking into making a video channel. This girlie girl & I were looking into making one together but she has so much on her plate right now...she could guest star on mine! One thing that's stopping me is my camera skills. Youtubers want people with skills! Gosh! I am terrible at pictures and video. Like..a baby trying to hold it steady. Not okay. Here are some of my favorite channels & links:


Enjoy that. I've been watching them nonstop. I'm not even kidding. Ran my whole iPod batt down. 
Also, my sister and her friends made a Spanish practicing blog and group at school and I'm shamelessly asking all of you [yes, you!] to check it out. I think that they are on a good track with this and it will be helpful for people learning Spanish! Here is the link to their blog & Facebook. :) Great things ahead! They are super legit!

I am house sitting and it's sort of weird being in a house alone at night! My apt is old and it creeks but every sound I hear I kind of perk up. Heh. Even when the dog moves around I listen for his dog collar to jingle. I'm not easily spooked, but you need to be sure.

We'll laugh along with the better weather


PS: I am counting down until fall. So burnt. Tired of 100 degree weather everyday. :(

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