Friends Of Friends Of Friends.

Turn around, there's those eyes again.

Hay guys! I don't know where to start with updates. Didn't I promise pictures of some sort? Empty. Promises! So, the last efew weeks I have been discouraged. I was fired from my last job as a crap telephone agent and now it's hard to get a job, or even a manager to give you a chance. It makes me sad. Real sad. Delivery jobs won't even look at my application. Like, really? Delivering pizza? No.

So, Satan was all up in it. I actually was feeling mega sorry for myself. 

I don't want to anymore. I want to move on. Blessing in disguise; my class was canceled this summer sesh, so I have ample time to get my act together. Plus, I think I did very well in my first semester. Hopefully, two A's. :D :D

Anyways, so tonight church was awesome. My friend who has been coming brought her in-laws and her sister-in-law really got a blessing. Which is awesome blossommmm.

Pastor came up to me in the midst of this and said, "You're the reason they are here. You matter to God." 

Then he prayed for me. In that moment, I felt so much better. All the things I've thought in the past couple of days didn't matter. Nothing mattered, and I felt...free. I still feel way better, because I know that I have a lot to do.

I can't just lie down and die. Disappear. 

I've been loving this song:

I can't get enough. Also, here's another m i x t a p e

I haven't done one of those in a lonnng time. ;)

Hope you like it! 


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