What's A-Matter Wit Chu?

Hey guys!

Can you believe it's Feb! Woah! Slow on down 2013.  

So, one of theolder guys from church + his friend are working on my car right now. Right. Now. I am so so excited! I totally miss driving and I feel like a burden even though my mom tells me I'm not. Anyway, I'm praying that they get it done today! 

Let's see, this weekend. Went by really fast. The last couple of weeks have been very hard and stressful but I'm keeping the faith. 

I did okay on my oral exam for French. She said I should work on my comprehension. What I'm amazed at is how much I learned in high school French class. I can translate what my teacher says to us by context clues. One or two words out of the sentence and I can figure it out, but I just can't form sentences on my own. Like if I talked to a native French person. I would be all over the place. My teacher I have to work on that. Glad it's over for now! I am so happy that I'm advancing in this class because it's intensive. I'm learning a lot in a short amount of time. It's totally insane, but I have to do it.


This week will be great. In Jesus Name! I just went extra Christian on you! ;D

Anyway, Jim Gaffigan has a new CD/show out on Netflix. Heavenly! He's also coming out with a book in the spring. Extra points!!

Dad Is Fat.

Love it. Love you! How about I end with 10 random facts about me?

1. I love dark blue. It's been my fave color since I was a child.

2. I want to travel to France. I am so fascinated with that country! I don't care how snobby they are or they seem to be, if you give a person respect you'll get respect most of the time. 

3. Music. I'm lovin' it. 

4. I have only received 2 decent mix-tapes in the past several years and that makes me frustrated. Like, seriously? All crap? Not okay at all. 

5. I love stars and watching them. I love the city but I will miss seeing them.

6. I want to meet Johnny Depp. For real. Touch his face or whatever.

7. I am selective about many things and the more I grow up the more I realize this.

8. It takes a lot to make me mad. My thresh hold is very low, but it doesn't take much for me to just walk away. 

9. I am currently obsessed with fashion Youtubers and I want a lot of things I don't need. 

10. I would be nothing without God. 


Have a great day!


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