Hold My Hand.

A lot visitors to my blog! Yay! Heck yes! How cute is this song?

Precious! I love the 50's vibe. I saw them at kthru fest a while back and the lead singer said that this song was inspired by Buddy Holly! Totes can tell. Just, so adorable. I can't stop listening. On the video I think there is a link for a free download of their album or a couple of songs off their LP! That's an investment. Now, I ended up really liking them. To be honestttt, I saw them because Michael Cera was helping out with by playing bass for them. And they were at a fest playing for free. So, you know I was there! Magical night.
I got lost with my friend in Rice University for almost two hours after the show.  C'est la vie!

So, I have a two disc set of Buddy Holly rarities. Just all gold. There is even a song on there from when he was a kid! "Two Timin' Woman"! What do you even know about women at 13, Buddy! Get out. So cute. Sidenote: the weather here has been so bipolar. Warm one day and then blistering cold the next. No wonder people have the flu here. Ridiculous. It's hold then cold, yes and then no. So this week has been kind of a bummer. I don't have a car right now because the starter in it needs to be replaced so my friends from church have been giving me rides. Thank. God. Monday I walked to school and it took me like an hour. It's not even that far, but it is on foot! I have a cruiser but the tires are flat and my pump doesn't work. :( So, I needed a back up plan. My church is such a blessing. My friends who aren't in church with me are too. So happy to know them. So, a few days until we're off the Daniel's Fast!!! Confetti. Everywhere! I want to throw an anti-Daniel's Fast dinner! Totally. Excited about that. Work is so-so. I'm going to keep working hard and doing my best with the time I have. I don't work a lot of hours but when I'm in the office, I try to be efficient. 

My car is fixed!!! Thank you Jesus! The mechanic said it was the battery. He just charged it and it started right up. So glad not to be bumming rides everywhere! Feels great! I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

God is so good, guys. Yes. :)

I'm glad to see this week go. I'm ready for the weekend. I haven't DJed and I feel it. I miss it. 
I can't wait to do that for a full-time job.  Heck yes!

I finally found that you're on my side.

Secret time: I've been writing this and thinking about this entry all day. I am going to publish it before midnight. Du soir. Watch me. 

I'm going to get that 2nd 8track playlist out there for you! Give me a hot minute!


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