Kamikaze & My Knuckles Are Outstretched.

I'm happy. I truly am. :) It's been quite the week. School, eat, exercise, church, and repeat. I'm truly blessed.

:O It's almost August! School time! :

Questionnaire? Yes!

PS: It's okay, to skip and not read it. My feelings won't be hurt.

200. My Middle Name Is: Anita
199. I was born: In September! ♥
198. I am: a black woman
197. My cell phone is: A secret
196. My eye color is: brown :(
195. My shoe size is: 10, baby!
194. My ring tone is: Red tea?
193. My height is: Average
192. I am allergic to: Pollen, the Earth.
191. Someone deleted question 191; why?
190. I live in: Tejas
189. The last book I read: Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4
188. My bed is: lumpy & bumpy
187. Are you happy with your life?: It's good, but I'm trying to make it better.
186. Last person to send you a text message: Hoay-san ♥
185. Ever smoked a cigarette: Nope, don't want to.
184. AIM or MSN or Yahoo: All of them.
183. Do you email: Always, and I check it like an addict.
182. How is the weather today?: Rainy and sad.
181. Do you have your wisdom teeth: No, I don't.
180. Ever been to Disney Land? Nerr, I want to.
179. My favorite holiday is: Christmas and Halloween.
178. The perfect kiss: When you least expect it.
177. The last three cds I bought: Alisa Turner, & I downloaded Plans by Death Cab and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth
176. Last song that made you cry? "Burn Your Life Down" by Tegan & Sara
175. Who is your favorite Cuz? I have too many that I'm not close to.
174. Who is your favorite road trip bud? Abraham. He is a gentleman. Surely.
173. Who are you IMin right now? IM?
172. Who's the last myspace page you looked at? Probably a band.
171. If you could have a baby at the same time as someone else, who would it be? I wouldn't. Too many babies in this world. Just kidding, babies.
170. What did you do yesterday? Went to school and work. Hung out with one of my good friends. ♥

142. Love at first sight? Yes & no.
141. Luck? Nope.
140. Fate? Yes, definitely.
139. God? Oh yes!
138. Aliens? Oh noes.
137. Heaven? I want to go, and yes!
136. Hell? Yes, it exists.
135. Ghosts? Holy Ghost?
134. Horoscopes? No. :P
133. Soul mates? Very much so.

129. Hugs or Kisses? K-i-ss-i-n-g.
127. Phone or Online? Online & then phone.
126. Red Heads or Black Hair? Red. Fiery.
125. Blondes or Brunettes? It depends on the person.
124. Hot or Cold? Cold.
123. Summer or winter? The harsh frays of winter.
122. Sun or Rain? Sun!
121. Chocolate or Vanilla? Strawberry. -evil face-
120. Night or Morning? Midnight.
119. Oranges or Apples? I happen to like both types. :)
118. Curly or straight hair? Straight. I like that on me. My natural hair is too close to curly. I hate it. Bleh!

101. Saw someone I hadn't seen in a while? My brother; yesterday.
100. Cried in front of someone: My mom; they were angry tears.
99. Grew: When I was 4th grade. I felt it.
90. Who is the ditsiest person you know: Me. I am so clumsy.
89. Who makes you laugh the most: Friends, situations, internetz, and life mostly.
87. The last movie you saw: Surrogates. Last night. Lame-o!
82. The thing I don't understand: Having someone come back into your life after they have endlessly & purposefully hurt you.
80. The most unsatisfactory answer I've ever received: When they change the subject.
79. The things I plan on doing this summer is: Working & school. I have one more semester until I'm out of here.
74. The thing I'm looking forward to most: My future, God's plans, and my first true love.
73. The thing I'm not looking forward to doing: Working tomorrow. Heh.
72. Today: A lazy day, it was raining, and I fell asleep. Hehe. ^___^
71. This summer: I will conquer!!
70. This week: Is going by as fast as I want.
62. The person who knows the most about me: Is God. There are things I can't get out just yet.
61. The person who can read me the best is: Everyone, basically. I wear my heart & feelings on my sleeve.
60. The most difficult thing to do is: Lay yourself and your beliefs on the line for criticism.
54. First time you had a crush: When I was in elementary. He was one of the smartest kids in my grade.
52. Last time someone said what you were thinking: 10 minutes ago!
51. What is your dream job: To help people; at a French hospital. In NYC. ♥
49. First job: Book shelf-er. Miss it! Not really..
46. I hope: That I can find some stuff at the resale shop. And that it's open! Geez!
45. The best smell in the world is: Dove and perfume. Mixed together.
44. The person that makes me cry the most: My failed loves.
35. Florida or Hawaii: Hawaii, brah!!
33. My favorite piece of clothing: Shirts that are interesting, cute skirts, and flats.
32. My favorite sport is: Biking, walking, and swimming. I can do 2/3. :D
30. My friends are: More than wonderful. More than lovely. I feel so blessed to have them. Really & truly.
29. My computer: Molly; I love you. CX
28. The school I go to: Is about to be an university?
22. The all-time best movie is: I have so many.
21. The all-time best thing in the world is: Knowing God is right here with me. No matter what.
20. Last thing you ate: Nasty plum that was sour.
19. The most annoying thing ever is: Someone who can't get the hint. Arrrugh.
18. The most annoying person you know is: I don't. Just...no.
17. I lose all respect for people who: Who don't have respect for themselves.
16. The movies I have cried at are: I honestly can't remember.
15. Last phone call: Hoay-san, Enma, and my bank account information. Hahahaha!
14. TV shows you watch: True Life, Rob & Big, Intervention & Hoarders.
13. Last friend you hung out with: Enma.
12. I want to be: Snuggling with a guy.
11. The worst pain I ever felt: Helplessness. Utter pain and no way out.
10. Got anything to say: This was flipping long. Thank you for reading if you've made it this far. ONE GOLD STAR!
9. My room is: Messy, but almost empty because I am moving.
8. My favorite celebrity is: Michael Austin Cera!
7. My top person on MySpace: None of that. I never had that.
6. My favorite color is: Dark blue, black, and crimson.
5. My weakness is: Friends, and laughing. :)
4. Where is question 4? Where's...my...nose? -raises eyebrow-
3. Who broke your heart: I'd rather not say.
2. Things that make you feel great are: Positive attitudes, outlooks, meeting new people, and enjoying life.
1. Met anyone you love this week: Yes.

Wow, okay, that was long. Good luck! Haha, jk. I see people have voted. Thank you! I really appreciate it! :D While I was doing this ridiculous questionnaire, I was listening to Motion City Soundtrack's new album, Dinosaur Life [Extended Version] & Tegan & Sara's album The Con and Sainthood. So good.

♥ you more!

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Roosterruler said...

Definitely agree on the hopelessness. That just aches. Hurts. We've got a lot in common - September babies ftw!


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