Saturday Is Like A Nap Day!

Hello people and new people! ♥

I feel tons better, and thank you for leaving comments on my second to last post. It made me feel happy. :) Plus, it was just great to see! I think I'm going to post some more polls and see what you guys think. Please please please vote! If you read this is in a reader, please go to my actual blog and vote it up!! That is what rad people do who like to see results. :D Let's see, I have been busy as usual with school and work and I'm excited because I have one semester left until I transfer. I can't believe it's been two years already. I'll have my Associates. Yes!! I'm leaving finally, and I'm not looking back. I'm quitting my job and ev'rthang. Mom thought I was keeping. No ma'am! Saturday and it DOES feel like I should be asleep right now. I watched I Can Do Bad All By Myself with my sister. It was good! It's a movie by Tyler Perry that came out last year. This guy was in it:

Not too bad! What movies are you looking forward to? Usually, I don't really pay attention, I just like movies but I definitely want to see Scott Pilgrim, Despicable Me, Picture of Dorian Gray, and Tangled. Excited to do that! I probably will be seeing Despicable Me tonight just because. What movies are you ready to watch this summer?





It's complicated. said...

Let us know how Despicable Me is!!
DanniJo85 from SwapBot!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen that movie either definitely lets us know how it goes. I love your blog title too. I am one of your swap partners, I'm bluefeather.

Jenny Lou Who said...

I'm loving your polls. I answered all of them. Keep your chin up!

-Jenny712 from Swap-bot

Raye said...

Agh, I want to go see Despicable Me! Let us know how it goes, and whether its worth paying my life savings to go see...lol

(xxpenguinscanflyxx, SwapBot)

Samantha said...

I usually wait until movies come out on video because going to the theaters is sooooo expensive. But, Despicable Me is at the drive in and they do double features, so I might go soon with hubby! BTW: I am your swap partner for I'm a Blogger, Follow Me--Love2Teach!

Kimhoay said...

You can cross off Despicable Me off your list now. =]

Rachel! said...

Despicable Me was so cute and funny! Go see it; totally worth it, ladies!!

This Young Mama said...

I really want to go watch Despicable Me(it takes alot for me to go to the movies). I love your blog title by the way!

I'm one of your swap partners (Holalola) from SwapBot

I have a post with a link to your blog

Andrea said...

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billiemonster said...

I haven't seen Despicable, but I did see Inception recently and it was amazing! {billiemonster from 'I'm a blogger, follow me' swap}

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