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Hey guise!

What is up? One more week until school is out, and I couldn't be more nervous! Nervy on a nervy boat. Lazy Saturday! Actually, I will be editing my video project for my Psychology class. I chose to research my mom's side of the family. So, during Thanksgiving, I went up to Cleveland---I explained this already. I'm sure...I just heard Tegan & Sara cover "Umbrella"! It was good! Some live action, and speaking of...I randomly wiki'ed Saosin. The band? Yeah. At the high school I moved to, EVERYBODY I knew liked them a lot. Them and System of A Down. Smh. And the former lead singer, Anthony Green, did some guest vocals on one of my favorite bands, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer's album! :D So, yeah. I end up on the Warped Tour wiki, reading why almost all of the better bands have walked away from the tour. Basically for the past 3 years, it's been crappy electronic bands playing and Christian bands. The tour started out almost...all punk. The Adicts, The Germs, Bayside, AFI, Guttermouth, The Casualities, NOFX, Anti-Flag and the like would be on the list and now it's like pop, electronic, crap. Seriously, it's bad. One or two bands I would actually see. Motion City and Cute. Suuuucks. I never got a chance to go see it before it went downhill. Also, the people speaking out against were saying the newish bands were acting really conceited and stupid. When I say eletronica-pop-crap, I mean
this, this, and definitely, this.
:( I wish I could have gone when I was in high school, now what's the use? I mean, none of the bands I want to see are there, and that's one of the bigger music festivals that come to Texas. Besides SXSW in Austin and Summerfest in Houston. I don't know of any big ones that attract good bands. Also, I would love to fly out north and see Coachella or Lollapolooza...but you know you need real money to do that. Hahaha, anyway.
MUSIC has down spiraled into oblivion!!! At least I have my Lunachicks vinyl.
Just kidding. They aren't that good. I hope someone or anyone who reads my blogs are listening to the playlists that I'm putting up! :) I am trying to do something new about the music on here. Ohmigosh, I am so nervous about college!!!!!!!!1!!!?!!!

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Janae said...

OOOh my. Got to be kidding WT. Brokncyde?? Really? Yucking me out with that mess. I never got to go either. I would really love to see NOFX sometime. Idk if I could handle the crowd anymore. My days of vicious chick pits are long passed.

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