I'll Put YOU On My Wall.

Why can't I finish you?

It's sitting on my desk as we speak. I've had it for MONTHS. It's not even mine. I feel bad for taking forevs to read it! I know I start to miss my books after a while. All 710548345743905 of them. 3 shelves full of books! Double stacked! I just...yeah. You can say that I enjoy a book or two. Couple hundred. Whatever. :) This week has flew by, and I've been so busy. I'm glad it's over, though. I mean, one more week of class. Can't beat that. I signed up for my ASU parking last night. :3 Tee-he! Oh, by the way these other schools accepted me:

Good schools. SFA has a spa!! If I based my school on awesome pools, SFA would beat everyone. Hands down. Just, amazing. I am still happy about ASU, though. They have such a great nursing program, and it's far. Honestly, I want to get out of this area and the surrounding cities. Like, Houston. TWU has a branch there, but I know I'd choose Dallas. This is my last weekend working with my co-worker, because she will be on vacay next Saturday. Yay, college! I'm going to go look at fashion blogs, k?



#24: I want to visit France.

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